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Incredibly beautiful, enigmatic, diverse, and even sometimes nerve-racking, Bolivia is without a doubt, the rugged jewel of South America. If you keep your mind open, its authenticity will completely immerse you into its fascinating culture.

An unconventional destination

If you decide to travel to Bolivia get ready for a complete immersion into this intriguing and complex country. For those in a quest of indigenous and ancient culture, you couldn’t dream of a better place as Bolivia has the largest percentage of native people in South America.  

But it’s not its only secret. Bolivia is one of the most biologically diverse nations on the planet, and its extraordinary sceneries and wildlife will amaze hiking and nature lovers. You can be certain that this multi-faceted country will leave an indelible mark on you!

  • Titicaca Lake

    Rising star of South America

    Although still largely uncovered, Bolivia is starting to gain notoriety and attract an increasing number of explorers worldwide. If you decide to embark on an adventure in these lands, there are a few experiences that you shouldn’t miss. 

    Lake Titicaca is one of Bolivia’s most magical destination as it is believed to be the Incas' birthplace. Its sapphire and golden colours make it one of Latin America's extraordinary natural sights. For another outstanding scenery make sure you head off to the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Whether it be during the dry or wet season, the salar is guaranteed to make you lose all sense of perspective.

    Finally, to end on something you’ve truly never experienced before, visit the Witches Market in La Paz and why not buy a few souvenirs.

    • Yungas Road

      Yungas Road

    Unforgettable Experiences in Bolivia

    Bolivia is full of surprises and there is so much here that will satisfy the curiosity of every type of traveller.

    If you’re seeking authenticity and culture, you will love Bolivian celebrations and parades. You can find them every month in a different part of the country along with their lifestyle and crafts that have survived the Spanish conquest.  If you’re more of the adventurous type, Bolivia won’t leave you disappointed as it's known for its astonishing hiking trails located in the wild rainforest, the altiplano snow-capped mountains or salt flats deserts. Finally, if local cuisine is the best part of your trip, do not worry, Bolivian gastronomy is as diverse as its landscapes, and you will find new delicious food to try in every town.

    • Duende Canyon

      Duende Canyon

    • Salar de Uyuni

      Salar de Uyuni

    Best time To visit Bolivia

      • April to October corresponds to the dry season in Bolivia and is also the year's busiest period as it's considered by some like the perfect time to visit Bolivia. 
      • Travelling during this time is easier, and the clear blue sky gives you the perfect backdrop to photograph Titicaca lake or the salt flats. Despite the cold temperatures, it’s an excellent time for climbing and trekking
      • In the highlands, the temperatures are around 15° during the day and can drop to -18° at night.
      • In the Amazon, the temperatures reach around 30° but sometimes, cold winds coming from Patagonia cause the temperatures to fall around 10°.  
      • November to march is the wet season in Bolivia and travelling during this period can be more difficult as the heaviest rain disrupt road travels. It’s also not the ideal time for outdoor activities
      • In the Amazon where vast areas are flooded which means that its easier for river travel. The temperatures are also very hot so there are more mosquitos. 
      • For those seeking some tranquillity, traveling in the highlands during this period can be very pleasant as the Altiplano become green with wildflowers. But you should be very careful because hiking or driving in the mountains can become dangerous because of the weather

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