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  • Tailormade

    Each tour is unique
    and created specifically
    for you 

  • Travel experts 
    in South America

    We use our multiple years of expertise to make your trip extraordinary 

  • Once in a lifetime

    We find for you some unique activities that you can’t find in any other travel guide 

  • Sustainability at the 
    heart of the company 

    We operate eco responsible tours to preserve the countries
    you visit  

    • Your Bespoke Luxury South America Travel

      At Uncover South America, we believe that you deserve to live the trip of your dreams. The one that gives you chills of excitement when you think about it. The one that makes you feel alive, exceptional, in harmony with yourself and connected to the world. The one you will never forget, even many years from now. 

      This is why every trip is unique and you won’t find any other tour like yours. We only create bespoke itineraries so that you can experience the diversity of South America exactly how you imagined it and want it whilst making every little moment count. We specialise in nature, wildlife, gastronomy and wellness so we will only select activities based on what it is you love most

      For us, luxury is not only synonymous of great comfort and style. It’s also, uncommon experiences, extraordinary adventures and unique encounters. Thanks to our local expertise, we can guide you off the beaten path to explore the South America you can’t find in any other travel guide. 

      Time is a precious asset so save yourselves endless hours of research. Let us do the hard work, we will take care of everything and create for you, your perfect South America Tour.


      Your Adventure Starts Now

      Discover A little bit about us

      We’re a group of friends with several years of expertise in the tourism industry who want to share with you our passion for South America.

      Everything started back in 2012 when Nidia felt the tug to promote her native country through a positive perspective and decided to create Uncover Colombia. But, after crafting thousands of tailormade holidays in Colombia, we thought it was time for you to explore new horizons and discover the outstanding countries of South America.

      But not anyhow…

      Since day one, sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do to preserve the countries we love, their biodiversity and inhabitants. Whether it is working with small communities, investing in sustainable projects, or educating our staff and collaborators, we try our best to leave a positive impact.

      So, if you want to embark on an inspiring and unforgettable adventure while at the same time help us create a better world, look no further, you’ve reached the right place! Contact us now so we can start planning your perfect South America adventure.


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