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The quiet city of Santa Cruz is perfect for those wanting to relax while enjoying the surrounding national parks.

Santa Cruz is the largest populated city in Bolivia surpassing even the capital of La Paz. It is a cosmopolitan city with lots to do and a rich cultural history. Jesuit missions and Inca ruins are but a stone’s throw away. There are also a lot of parks on the outskirts of the city making it the perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Inside these parks there are many opportunities for wildlife spotting and Santa Cruz is particularly known for having a large number of sloths living in the region amongst other animals. 

  • Santa Cruz Bolivia
  • Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz offers a respite in your travel

    Compared to the other cities in Bolivia, Santa Cruz is the least visited by tourists however it is not one to be missed as it offers so much in terms of open-air activities. Outdoor activities such as hiking, sand boarding and river rafting are popular here. The unique wildlife also attracts many visitors and here will be your best chance to lay eyes on the elusive jaguar. 

    In a small radius surrounding the city of Santa Cruz, travellers will find lots of cultural experiences to take part in. Next to the river Pirai is the small town of Porongo where its inhabitants are welcoming and will teach visitors all about the Camba culture and its history. In Chiquitos, six Jesuit missions that date back to the 17th century are available to visit. Despite the number of years they have remained intact and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • El Fuerte Samaipata

      Visit El Fuerte Samaipata

      El Fuerte or Fort in English is one of the largest complexes left over by the Incas. Though many scientists and scholars have said that the Fort predates even the Incas, the indigenous culture seems to have been the longest of its tenants. A Unesco World Heritage Site, these vestiges span many different parts such as a deep well, two observation towers and over 500 dwellings some of which are still being uncovered to this day. Visits to El Fuerte are incredibly enriching and will leave you with a brand new outlook on the Incan culture and its vibrant civilisation. 

    • Amboro National Park visit

      Hike across Amboro National Park

      Amboro National Park stretches across 4,425 square metres and is divided into three sections. The first are the Andeans foothills followed by the Amazon Basin and Northern Chaco. These three sections each with their own ecosystem offer an escape away from everyday civilisation and into a calm jungle like environment. The flora and fauna here is incredibly diverse and a lot of work goes into protecting them from threats such as deforestation and hunting. Over 177 mammals and 812 bird species have made the park their home which makes the park the perfect place for wildlife spotting. Hiking is a very popular activity here but there is also the possibility to enjoy fishing and canoeing along the river. 

    • Cathedral de Santa Cruz

      Tour the Cathedral de Santa Cruz

      Located in the centre of Santa Cruz, the Cathedral Basilica of St Lawrence also known more simply as Catedral Santa Cruz is the main catholic church of the city. The church’s eye-catching exterior draws people from all over the world to admire its exterior. A mixture of Baroque and Neoclassicism, its imposing towers are what first attract visitors to the building and its attractive facade. The inside is more soberly decorated with white columns and vaulted ceilings. An architectural marvel that should be witnessed up close.  

    • Botanical Gardens

      Wander Around the Botanical Gardens

      The Jardin Botanico is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and learning about the incredibly varied flora of Bolivia. Amongst the several hiking paths and small lagoon, visitors will also discover a cactus garden and an orchid garden. For those wanting to make the most of these 186 hectares of precious land there is the possibility to spend the night camping in the grounds. The park even has its own churrasqueras or barbeques to make the most of your stay out with the stars, reconnecting with nature. 

    • Los Pozos market

      Observe The Mennonite community at Los Pozos market

      The Mennonite community live on remote farms surrounding Santa Cruz independently from other people. Having first emigrated from Russia to Europe in the 17th century they later moved to Canada before settling in Bolivia at the start of the 20th century. Mennonites do not believe in modern technology keeping away from electricity, phones and most modern comforts including cars. They hardly mingle with other people keeping solely to themselves. The only occasion to see them is at the Los Pozos market where they come to buy supplies and food. Easily identifiable by their clothes men wear dungarees and a shirt while women cover their heads with a bonnet. 


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