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The towns of Sucre and Potosi are very different from one another but provide an interesting insight into the lives, culture and history of Bolivia. 

Sucre and Potosi are two very distinct cities that have played major roles in the growth and history of their country. Sucre was the original capital of Bolivia before La Paz took over and  is now considered to be the nation’s capital and where the constitution takes place. Due to its incredible architecture and the preservation of its colonial architecture, Sucre has been named a World Heritage Site. It is considered to be the most lavish and beautiful city in Bolivia. 

Potosi on the other hand is an old mining city that used to produce silver thanks to the mines underground. It is a more rugged town that has lost some of its lustre over the years. At the height of its fortune, Potosi was a vibrant town with parties being thrown every evening. It is said that almost 80% of the silver in the world was carved out of the mines here. Its incredibly rich and fascinating history makes for an eye-opening visit. 

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    The heart of Bolivia’s history

    Sucre is also known as the White City due to the fact that all of the main governmental buildings are painted white making it quite a sight to behold. Many of Bolivia’s key historical moments took place in Sucre such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the place where the Constitution was written. There are many activities to discover and enjoy in Sucre from culture to religion and gastronomy there is something to do for every type of traveller. 

    Potosi was founded in the mid-16th century by Spaniards who wanted to exploit the silver mines that the Incas had discovered. The city is dominated by Cerro Rio, the mountain under which the miners have dug creating a labyrinth of tunnels. Due to its proximity to the mines, Potosi is known for its mint known as Casa Nacional de Moneda. It is a must-visit to see some of the first coins ever made in the country. The architecture in Potosi is incredibly intricate and features a mixture of traditional Bolivian styles as well as Spanish baroque.

    Our favourite Experiences

    • Sucre Historic Centre

      Visit Sucre’s Historic Centre

      Starting off at Plaza 25 de Mayo, Sucre’s historic centre is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. There are many buildings dotted along the streets that showcase the rich history of this once capital. The Casa de la Libertad which is considered to be the most important building in Sucre due to the fact that the events that led up to the independence of Bolivia took place here. La Glorieta Castle which once belonged to the only Prince and Princess of Bolivia is available to visit and walk through the stunning grounds of this residence. The title was bestowed onto the couple by the Pope for their work with orphans. The pink castle stands proud amongst the rest of the white buildings in Sucre and is a must-visit while here. 

    • Toro Toro National Park

      Walk among dinosaurs in Toro Toro National Park

      Toro Toro National Park is something out of a movie. It is home to the longest and most varied track of dinosaur footprints that span the entirety of a 500 metre wall. Some of the dinosaur’s footprints measure up to 50cm long and are truly a marvel to witness. However, the park is also a great place to hike and discover the unique landscape of the region. Follow the trails and you will be led to hidden gems such as a pristine lagoon that visitors can swim in or climb up an 800 step staircase to the top of the canyon where the views of the park stretch out before you. 

    • Tarabuco Market

      Wander through the indigenous market in Tarabuco

      Taking place every Sunday, the Tarabuco market is the most popular indigenous market in the area. Indigenous people from all around gather here to exchange their wares and produce and share news with each other. The highlight of the market is the textile section where thousands upon thousands of intricately designed fabrics are laid out. Once you have shopped yourself out head to the food stalls and indulge in some traditional and locally made food such as mondongo and pollo picante. 

    • Visit Cerro Rico

      Explore the Silver Mines of Cerro Rico

      Cerro Rico was once the main draw for Spaniards looking to make their fortune in Bolivia. The silver extracted from the depths of the mountain was sold throughout the world and made the inhabitants of the town extremely rich. The mines are still in operation to this day though the amount of silver has dwindled considerably. It is possible for visitors to explore the mines but those who suffer from claustrophobia should avoid it entirely as the bulk of the tour is spent underground in a tight and confined space.

    • San Francisco Church

      Visit San Francisco Church 

      Founded in 1547 by Father Gaspar de Valverde, San Francisco is the oldest monastery in Bolivia. The monastery however is not the original one from the 16th century as it was demolished in 1707 and a new, larger one was constructed. A museum was also added where visitors can find religious items that have been left over the years by the monks and churchgoers. Fun fact: the roof of the monastery has the best view of Potosi and the surrounding area so make sure you head up there before moving on. 


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