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A trip across the Southern Deserts will leave travellers feeling like a modern day Indiana Jones as you explore lesser known territories

The Southern Deserts of Bolivia are a strange and unreal region where sterile land stretches as far as the eye can see. The highlight of the region are the bubbling hot geysers that erupt from the ground in an astounding display of power. The surrounding landscape looks like something out of a painting with rock formations that take on different shapes and stand out amongst the otherwise desolate surrounding. Hot springs are also abundant here and are a great way to soak our troubles away after a difficult climb up the jagged rock formations.  

  • Uyuni Bolivia

    An eerie study of the desert

    For travellers wishing to experience true disconnection from civilisation the Southern Deserts of Bolivia is the place to go. Only the most adventurous of travellers come to this region so visitors will feel like they are almost alone in the discovery of this region. The landscape is unlike anything else that you will see in Bolivia with incredible natural sights to observe such as colourful lakes and unique rock formations. 

    The Southern Deserts are also home to the Reserva de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa which is a protected area that helps preserve the wildlife that live here. Though an unfrequented area, the fauna here continues to thrive with over 80 species of birds which include the rare James flamingo while vicunas and viscachas play a game of hide and seek with visitors by blending into the landscape. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Duende Canyon

      Travel across Duende Canyon

      Just on the outskirts of Tupiza is the Duende Canyon, a formation of red rocks on both sides that take you on an impressive hike. The entrance of the canyon takes place through a slender opening in the rocks. Beyond that lies an endless array of rock formations that have been weathered into odd and funny shapes by the wind. Fields of cacti follow that as well as deep ravines that one must be careful not to miss. Few visitors come here due to the remoteness of the place but it is truly worth a visit to appreciate the immensity of such a place. 

    • Laguna Colorada

      Photograph Laguna Colorada

      The red lagoon is a shallow lake that despite its minimal depth stretches across 6000 hectares. Its rich red colour comes from the algae and minerals found in the sediments that litter its base. The incredible contrasts between the blue skies and red lake make for interesting pictures and a never before seen sight that photographers will be keen to capture. Flamingoes are also regular visitors of the lake and blend in beautifully with the surroundings. 

    • Hike Hudu

       Discover off the beaten path Tupiza

      For travellers looking to experience true remoteness and an off the beaten path adventure, Tupiza is the place to go to. Walking through the streets of this small town is like taking a trip back in time. Many of the stores selling food and dry goods have remained unchanged since their first opening. Cerro Corazon de Jesus, a medium sized mountain that is located just a few minutes from the centre of the town offers 360 views of Tupiza with an easy climb up to the top. Hikes are plentiful around here and travellers will be pretty much alone along the path except for the occasional wild dog. Be sure to take water and a hat before venturing out. 

    • Laguna verde

      Wander Around Laguna Verde

      The turquoise coloured lake is another popular attraction in the Bolivian desert. Smaller than its red counterpart, Laguna Colorada, it is still an impressive sight to behold. The colour of the lake which varies from turquoise to emerald comes from the high levels of lead and sulfur. Due to this high levels of mineral content the lake stays liquid even at temperatures of -21 degrees. Photographers will find it to be a fascinating landscape to capture thanks to its ever-changing colours. 

    • Sol de Mañana

      Watch geysers erupt at Sol de Mañana

      A geothermal area that extends over 10km2, Sol de Mañana is a hub of volcanic activity which manifests itself as powerful geysers that shoot up to 15 meters high. The high amount of sulphur in the water also creates hot springs and bubbling pools of mud that splatter those standing too close. In the mornings, the hot water combined with the cool air creates clouds of steam that blanket the area creating a moody vibe. Perfectly captured on camera. 

    • Marvel at the Salvador Dalí Desert

      The Salvador Dali Desert gets its name from the painter of the same name whose art closely resembles the barren landscape of the area. The most renowned attraction here is the Arbol de Piedra, a rock formation that over the years and due to the wind the bottom of the structure has been eroded away making it look like a windblown tree caught in stone. It is an eerie sight to see and will leave quite an impression on visitors. 


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