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Chile is a small and narrow country in South America with a diverse and intact landscape that make it an unmissable treasure to visit. 

Located on the western side of South America and with the Pacific Ocean as its neighbour, Chile is a long and thin country that packs a punch. From valleys and forests, to deserts and glaciers there is so much to discover for every type of traveller.

The capital of Chile is Santiago and here you will find some of the best museums and art galleries, perfect for travellers wanting to learn more about the rich culture and history of the country. Chile is also blessed with an abundance of parks and conservation areas making it a popular destination for those who enjoy high intensity activities such as hiking, trekking, horseback riding and even mountain climbing.

  • Easter Island

    A varied country

    There are so many things to do in Chile that when you first visit you might feel overwhelmed by it all. Though there are many hidden gems to be found here, Chile is also home to world-famous attractions such as the Easter Island with its famous Moai stone figures and the Torres del Paine National Park, to name a few. Santiago is a bustling city that offers its visitors so much variety, the capital encompasses everything that one looks for in a city.  

    Chile is also home to world-class wines thanks to its idyllic climate and soil that allows growing the perfect grapes. Wine enthusiasts will be beyond satisfied with the variety of wineries that visitors can tour and enjoy wine tastings at. 
    There is something new to discover at every corner in Chile making it a truly multifaceted destination to visit! 

    • Vicunas Atacama Chile

      Vicunas Atacama Chile

    Unforgettable Experiences in Chile

    Chile’s wealth of experiences lends itself to one of a kind activities that are hard to compete with. Being able to visit the furthest point south of the world is an experience that very few countries can boast and is made possible when visiting Tierra del Fuego and the Cape Horn. The Torres del Paine National Park is a marvel of nature with its impressive mountain peak and dense vegetation; there is no place on Earth like it to get lost in and appreciate the immensity of nature. 

    • Conguillio National Park

      Conguillio National Park

    • Isla Magdalena Patagonia

      Isla Magdalena Patagonia

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Moon Valley

      Moonscape walk in Valle de la luna

      Valle de la Luna, located in the Atacama desert is known for its eerie, moonlike landscape from which is gets its name. With its rugged vistas made up of pointed and surreal dunes, it is a sight worthy of the best movie sets. The best time to visit de valley is during sunrise or sunset, when the sun suffuses the surroundings in soft pastel colours.

    • Temuco Handcraft

      Witness the art of the craft in Temuco

      Once the home of famous poet Pablo Neruda, Temuco is a small and pleasant town that holds a rich link to the Mapuche culture. No better is the Mapuche culture witnessed than at the Temuco Municipal market. Here you will find close to 100 stores showcasing the local craftsmanship. From wool to wood and passing by leather and clay there is so much to be witnessed. You will also find a lot of Mapuche jewellery as they are fond of silver. Items such as trapelakuchas and sikils are the most popular and sought after pieces of jewellery.

    • Marble Caves

      Explore the Cave of wonders

      Created over six thousand years ago, the marble caves of General Carrera in Chico are said to be the most beautiful in the world. The caves have been carved over the years by the waves crashing into the sides of the mountain thus creating tunnels and caves that weave their way under the peninsula. The blue of the lake is reflected onto the surface of the cave giving them their distinctive turquoise colour. Depending on the time of day this will also change as the sun changes directions making it an ever changing scenery.

    • Pichilemu Chile

      Learn how to surf in Pichilemu

      Pichilemu is known around the world to be the a haven for watersports. The waves here can reach up to 9 metres in height, perfect for surfing. But surfing is not the only thing you can do here waterskiing, kitesurfing and wind sailing are all very popular activities too. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you will be sure to make the most of the waves and water. If you are not tempted to brave the water, head to Punta de Lobos and Infierniello 

    • Ancud Chiloe Island

      Learn about the history of Chiloe island

      If you want to learn more about the history of Chiloe then head to Ancud. Here you will find the Regional Museum of Ancud that gives in-depth information about this island and city which was destroyed in the 1960s by an earthquake only to be rebuilt into a quaint little town. The museum really brings the town to live with archaeological and textile displays while taking visitors on a journey through time. The San Antonio Fort is the perfect place to get a birds eye view of the port and surrounding area.

    Best time To visit Chile

    • Chile experiences its summer weather during these months making it the best time to experience the coastal cities of the country. Places in Chile such as Valparaíso are best visited during this time. This is also the best time to visit Easter Island as the Fiesta Tapati that illustrates the Rapa Nui culture takes place during the month of February. 

    • Generally speaking, March to October tend to be the best time to visit Chile as the weather is warm and dry, with temperatures averaging 22 degrees. April announces the start of autumn in Chile and is the best time to visit the vineyards of the country.

    • In the Southern Hemisphere, June to August are the winter months therefore this is the best time to head to the mountains, especially if you are a keen skier. Temperatures during this time are still relatively balmy averaging around 15 degrees celsius. However the temperatures in Patagonia descend drastically going so far as to reaching 0 degrees celsius. 

    • With mild weather during this time, it is the best time to explore the more physically demanding sights without getting too hot and bothered. 

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