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Located on the east coast of South America, Peru is a breathtaking destination and one of the most unique, diverse, and multicultural countries of the continent.

An awe-inspiring and unique destination

Full of contrast, its landscapes vary from Andes mountains, paradisiac beaches, cute colonial towns, and Amazon jungle. A trip to Peru is at the top of many travellers list who want to experience something truly mesmerizing and authentic.

Whether you are more of an explorer, a food lover, or a wellness adept, there’s definitely something for you to live the trip of a lifetime. While its astonishing archaeological sites will thrill those passionate about history and culture, its surreal landscapes and wildlife will delight hikers and nature lovers. Peru is also an exciting culinary destination with its food scene recognized across the world.

  • Salinas de Maras

    Melting pot of South America

    There’s an infinite number of things to do in Peru and embarking on a trip there will definitely blow your mind.

    Cusco, the perfect gateway to the Machu Picchu is an amazing place to learn about the Andean culture, connect with small communities and discover their day to day lives. The sacred valley also offers unique sceneries for trekking like the rainbow mountains and plenty of less-known ancient archaeological ruins for those who want to get off the beaten path. Besides giving you an excellent taste of the food in Peru with its world-class cuisine, Lima is an eclectic combination of vibrant nightlife, pre-Inca ruins, colonial architecture, and modern buildings.

    One thing is certain, whatever your expectations are, Peru won't leave you disappointed! 

    • Cordillera Huayhuash

      Cordillera Huayhuash

    • Huascaran National Park

      Huascaran National Park

    Unforgettable Experiences in Peru

    Described as a “dream destination” by many, it is easy to see why you would want to add this to the top of your bucket list. There is just so much exploration you can do here; whether it is trekking across the country through breath-taking landscapes to discover remote ancient sites or connecting with the incredible, abundant, and diverse wildlife. You will find something here that will bring out the explorer in you!

    Peru is also the perfect place to disconnect mentally and recharge physically, with Yoga retreats, medicinal massages and even hot water springs you’ll leave refreshed in a body that feels brand new. Still not sure? Let yourself be tempted by the rich culture with cooking classes led by locals or hands on with weaving classes to learn more about local traditions. 

    • Huacachina


    • Machu Picchu

      Machu Picchu

    Our favourite experiences

    • Chinchero Sacred Valley

      Sacred Valley Discover Chinchero

      Chinchero is home to a Quechua community who use an ancestral technic to weave that is passed down from generation to generation. Their knowledge is recognized worldwide and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. You can also give it a try yourself on one of the weaving cooperatives.

    • Taquile Island

      Lake Titicaca Travel to Taquile Island

      Here in Taquile, well known for its handicraft that has been awarded by UNESCO, everyone plays an important role: women do the weaving and men the knitting. After admiring their work, climb the 567 to the upper part of the town to enjoy a breath-taking view of the lake. 

    • Amazon Take a boat ride

      If there is something that you absolutely need to do while you visit the Amazon jungle is taking a boat drive. You will be able to see small villages, some incredible wildlife and if you’re lucky you can even spot some pink dolphins. 

    • Arequipa Hike in Colca Canyon

      Explore the spectacular landscape of one of the world’s deepest canyons and try to spot a majestic condor. You’ll have the chance to visit remote villages, bathe in secret thermal and discover hidden oasis. 

    Best time To visit Peru

      • If you plan to visit the north of the country especially the coast, December to February can be the best time to visit Peru. The days are dry, warm and sunny. Temperatures around 29 degrees. 
      • However, for those interested in the Amazon and the Andes region, this period is part of the wet season and water lever are high. In the Amazon, wildlife is more challenging to spot, but you will have access to areas you can’t reach by boats at other times of the year. The temperatures are very warm and should be around 30 degrees. 
      • In February, whilst Machu Picchu remains open, trekking the Inca trail won’t be possible as it’s closed for the month. You can expect temperatures around 20 degrees.
      • From march, the temperature in the north is starting to get milder but you can still expect a summer weather with temperatures around 24 degrees.
      • It’s also the end of the rainy season in Machu Picchu and from May, the weather should get dry and warm (around 20 degrees). It might be the perfect time for trekking the Inca trail as it’s less crowded and easier to get a permit. The landscapes will be green and vibrant from the wet season
      • In the Amazon, the high-water season last until May and the temperatures should be approximatively 30 degrees. 
      • As it’s the beginning of winter, the temperatures on the coast are milder than the previous months. Temperatures will be around 20 degrees. 
      • From June to August is a good time for trekking or climbing as it is less rainy. You will get a clear blue sky and an amazing view on the Andeans mountains. However, it will be the busiest time to visit Machu Picchu, so it’s imperative to book your tickets in advance. 
      • At this time of the year, the temperatures start to rise again and should get around 24 degrees in the pacific coast. 
      • Cusco and the Machu Picchu are still very busy in September and October as it’s still the dry season.
      • November is just the beginning of the rainy season, so it can be a good alternative to avoid the crowd and enjoy pleasant temperatures. 
      • During this period, the Amazon region is still dry, which will be a good time to explore it and see the amazing fauna and flora found there. 

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