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Bolivia Tours Explore The Bolivian Amazon Jungle

The Bolivian Amazon is an unparalleled place with the most incredibly diverse flora and fauna

The Bolivian Amazon covers almost a third of the country and is home to the most diverse ecosystem of wildlife and plants. Here animal lovers will be richly rewarded as the Amazon forest is home to some of the most elusive animals such as jaguars, tapirs and anacondas. It is an unforgettable experience to be surrounded by the lush vegetation and spending a day in its midst will leave you in awe at the immensity and power of nature. 

  • Amazonia Tour Bolivia

    Discover the garden of Eden

    The Amazon region of Bolivia offers a wealth of activities to partake in, meaning that there is no chance to get bored while you visit the area. Treks across the jungle are the most popular of activities and allow travellers to indulge in their more adventurous side. Rurrenabaque is the town closest to the Amazon forest and the starting point of all trips in the region.

    Situated along the Beni river it is popular for offering a large variety of river activities, water safaris inside of dugout canoes are the most in demand of these. For travellers who are feeling especially brave, a night time safari along the river is also possible. During this time the caimans come out to enjoy the cooler weather so keep your eyes peeled for the glisten of their eyes amongst the water ripples, the experience will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Madidi National Park Indigenous Park

      Visit the indigenous tribes in Madidi National Park

      The Parque Nacional Madidi that stretches over 18,000 square kilometres is the best preserved park out of all the ones in Bolivia. It is considered to be the most diverse place on Earth in terms of flora and fauna. Furthermore, the park is also inhabited by indigenous people who have been granted a special permit by the Unesco to remain there. The incredible knowledge held by these indigenous tribes in terms of medicinal herbs and way of life is vastly valued and demands protection. Travellers are able to visit some of these tribes who are happy to share their knowledge and culture to further sensitise people to the importance of their way of life. 

    • Visit Rurrenabaque

      Enjoy the gastronomy of Rurrenabaque

      The starting point of all travel to the Amazon, Rurrenabaque is a quiet town perfect to rest and relax in before heading into the deep unknown of the jungle. The town holds a great number of restaurants and bars which come alive in the evening. During the day head to the local market where travellers can mingle with the local inhabitants who are warm and friendly and will advise you on the best places to eat at. 

    • Noel Kempff National Park

      Discover Noel Kempff National Park

      The Noel Kempff National Park gets its name from conservation biologist Dr Kempff who in the 1980s advocated for the protection of this most impressive park. Stretching over 1.5 million hectares, the park is home to stunning scenery and rare vegetation. The landscape here is ever-changing and visitors will at times marvel in front of a majestic waterfall and the next face a stretch of dry woodland. Not only are you surrounded by rare plants in the park there are also a number of rare animals hiding in its depths. Pink river dolphins swim through the river while anacondas slither through the trees. Visiting Noel Kempff National Park is truly an experience only for the most adventurous. n

    • Manuripi Wildlife Reserve

      Explore Manuripi Wildlife Reserve

      The National Wildlife Reserve of Manuripi is an animal lovers' heaven. The reserve’s ecosystem is incredibly preserved and looked after to accommodate all the different animals that have made this place their home. Jaguars, pumas, ocelots, spider monkeys and black caymans are amongst the most famous of the inhabitants. The reserve is also known for its Brazil nuts and from November to February castaneros make their way here to harvest the precious nut. 

    • Lago Bay

      Wander Around Lago Bay

      Located in the Manuripi Wildlife Reserve, Lago Bay is a large scintillating lake where a large amount of fish and water based reptiles and amphibians have elected to call home. The weather is hot and humid here which is perfect for these animals to thrive in. A fascinating ecosystem to witness by boat or canoe. 


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