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La Paz, a capital that will take your breath away with its exotic and exciting culture

La Paz is the world’s highest administrative capital in the world situated at 3,500m above sea level. The city is bustling with activity, its inhabitants constantly on the move but visitors should be careful to not imitate locals as altitude sickness is a very tangible issue. Travellers should make sure to take a couple of days to acclimatise before rushing into doing too many activities.

The city is a mix of new, shiny buildings and colonial architecture. The Teleferico is an amazing way to see the city from up high and witness the sights all in one go. 

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    A culturally rich capital

    Located on the Andes Altiplano, La Paz is known for being a foodie haven with a large number of restaurants that offer a mixture of local food and more international cuisine. The restaurants here are much cheaper and travellers will be able to try a large variety of local and regional delicacies. Not only are there a lot of restaurants here, there are also a large number of food markets which offer the possibility to mingle with locals while discovering new foods and dishes that you might otherwise miss out on. The night-life in La Paz is renowned for its clubs which play a mixture of Latin pop and salsa. The perfect way to let your hair down. 
    Indigenous culture is very embedded in city life.

    The Aymara people make up the majority of the inhabitants of La Paz and are always happy to share the culture and history of their town. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Moon Valley Tour

      Wander through the Moon Valley

      The Valle de la Luna is an eerie landscape on the outskirts of La Paz that has been eroded over the years leading to its current formation of jagged sandstone and rocks that jut out of the hillside. These formations have led to the creation of a strange sight in the middle of the desert. There are two different treks available here that take you through the maze of rocks to appreciate the otherworldliness of the place. It is truly reminiscent of a place out of a movie set and visitors should make sure to bring their camera to capture the sight forever. 

    • Hike Cordillera Real

      Hike the length of Cordillera Real

      The Cordillera Real also known as the ‘Royal Range’ is the longest mountain range in Bolivia stretching out across 5000m with over 600 peaks. It is the ideal place for professional climbers and novices alike to try their hands at climbing. The range offers a large variety of different treks and routes for all levels. Travellers looking for slightly more adrenaline pumping activities can also try their hand at bike riding across the mountain range. Views from the top are truly spectacular and worth the effort to get there. 

    • Cycle Yungas Road

      Defy death on the Yungas Road

      The Yungas Road, also known as the Death Road is an adrenaline packed activity where travellers ride a mountain bike along the ‘most dangerous road in the world’. A high-octane activity along lush greenery in the middle of a cloud forest. The roads are slippery and there is the occasional vehicle that still uses the road so safety and caution are important. Nevertheless, the road will  leave your heart pumping out of your chest and wanting for more. 

    • Coroico

      Fly to the sky in Coroico

      Coroico is a small town located nearby La Paz that is known for its large number of activities on offer, particularly its high-intensity ones. Bolivia’s best zip line experience is found here. Named Zzip and located 350 meters above the ground, participants fly through lush vegetation and forest for a circuit of 1,500 meters. For those who prefer more sedate activities, there are a large number of waterfalls in Coroico which make for the perfect daytime excursion. 

    • Visit Witch Market

      Browse the wares at the Witch Market

      Known by locals as the Mercado de Hechiceria, the witch market is a fascinating look into the Aymara culture and their history of herbal medicine. The market stalls are full of colourful spices and herbs that are said to cure a number of ailments from small colds to warding off the devil. Indigenous traditional healers can also be found amongst the stalls and they will be able to guide you and offer cures for illnesses or talismans to protect you from ill will. 

    • La Paz Teleferico

      Travel around the Mi Teleferico

      Mi Teleferico is an aerial cable car that is considered to be La Paz’s version of the subway. Costing only one dollar per trip, this urban transit system takes people from the top of the capital all the way to the lowest point, Zona Sur. There are a total of ten lines with an additional one in the works as well as five more stations. Offering a bird’s eye view of La Paz, Mi Teleferico is the perfect way to see the city from up high. 

    • Calle Jean

      Appreciate the art and history on Calle Jean

      Calle Jean is a small street in La Paz that has retained its colourful colonial architecture and is home to four museums, the most you will find in one area. Visiting the street and the museums in it, is a great way to spend an afternoon learning more about the history and culture of La Paz. The Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas Showcases a large number of art and figurines from the old times of the capital. 


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