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The birthplace of the Incas, Lake Titicaca is a place full of history that will leave you in awe of this ancient civilisation

In between the  countries of Peru and Bolivia, deep into the Andes mountain is the largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca. A lot of ruins are found surrounding the area of the lake and it is said that this is the birthplace of the Inca civilisation. The adjacent National Reserve is home to a variety of different animal species some of which are threatened by extinction.

Lake Titicaca is a must-visit for history lovers as it is home to the most fascinating landmarks in Bolivia and a deep rooted indigenous culture. 

  • Tour Lake Titicaca
  • Visit Isla Del Sol
  • Isla Del Sol

    Deep into Inca history

    Above all it is important to remember that Lake Titicaca is a sacred part of land much treasured by Bolivians. Considered by the Incas people to be the birthplace of the sun there are over 180 ruins scattered around the landscape and even recently one was found at the bottom of the lake. 

    Visitors to Lake Titicaca and the surrounding region will be pleased to know that the area is a prime hiking location. There are a number of trails that circle the lake that offer a varied view of the surrounding mountainscape. There is also the possibility to kayak or paddle-board across the bright blue waters of the lake. At the nearby village of Yumani, travellers will find the Escalera del Inca, 206 steps that lead to the famous ‘Fountain of Youth’. Boat trips to the surrounding islands are encouraged to discover more about the various different indigenous cultures and how they lived. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Copacabana Tour

      Explore Copacabana

      Copacabana is one of the most famous cities in Bolivia. The bustling town is the perfect place to start your adventures across the region. There are a lot of things to discover here such as the traditional artisan market, restaurants and bars. Bolivia is a very religious country and in Copacabana you will find many gothic inspired churches to visit including the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. In the Basilica is kept the statue of the Virgin de Copacabana , one of the many pilgrimage sites in Bolivia. 

    • Visit Tiwanaku Ruins

      Discover The ruins of Tiwanaku

      Tiwanaku is a World Heritage Site and during its peak in the 8th century was considered to be the most important city in the Andes. The ruins showcase the importance of the Tiwanaku people in the history of Bolivia as they are considered to be the first indigenous population in the country, they even predate the Incas. A lot of mysteries surround the Tiwanaku people but visiting the ruins will give travellers a clear insight into this incredibly advanced population whose knowledge on astronomy, agriculture and mechanics made them an exceedingly prosperation nation. 

    • Chincana-ruins

      Visit Chincana ruins

      On the northern tip of the Isla del Sol lies the Chincana ruins, a maze made out of stone that at its centre holds a well with what is believed to be sacred purifying water. The ruins, also named Palacio del Inca, is considered to be the birthplace of the Incas. It is thought that the ruins were used by the Inca women who looked after the shrine where it is said the sun was born. Visitors to Chincana will be left amazed by the intricacy of the ruins. The layered terraces also offer an astounding view of the Cordillera mountain range and Lake Titicaca

    • Tour Isla de la Luna Bolivia

      Take a trip to Isla del Sol en Isla de la Luna

      These two islands are located just off the shore of Copacabana and are considered as sacred islands for having been the place where Inca god Viracocha created the sun and the moon. The best way to visit both of these islands are during day trips where visitors can take their time to get to grips with the culture and history of the islands. No cars are found on either of these places so make sure to bring your best walking shoes to hike the different trails. A historically rich area, visitors will learn a lot about the Inca culture when visiting the islands. From ornate temples to sacrificial slabs there is a lot to take in and discover. 

    • Cerro Calvario view

      Hike up Cerro Calvario

      Cerro Calvario is the most popular hike to do when you come to Copacabana. The top of the hill is home to a shrine and the hike to the top is accompanied by small cross statues. The view from the top is truly one of the most outstanding you will ever see with sights such as the glistening Lake Titicaca, the town of Copacabana and the adjacent hills and plains. The view is made even better when experienced at sunset. The shrine at the top is made of small enclosures where candles are lit and give off a golden glow that highlight the setting sun. A truly awe-inspiring experience. 


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