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Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and covers 2.8 million km2 of the southern half of the continent. With its multitude of activities, landscapes and places to visit, Argentina guarantees to be a rewarding destination. 

Argentina, a country full of surprises and a long list of world-class tourist attractions

Argentina is home to ever changing landscapes that range from tall mountains to large deserts and bustling cities.

Its capital, Buenos Aires, is a hub of modernity imbued in a rich history. During the day, this increadible city is an architectural gem with many beautiful buildings to visit, and in the night the city comes alive to the sound of tango. However, Argentina is also home to the most diverse landscapes and wildlife, with Patagonia covering much of the southern region, the Andean mountain range that divides Argentina from Chile and the eponymous Cape Horn.

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    A contrasting country

    Argentina gets its name from the Latin word argentum which means silver as it was once a rich source of it. The country, however, has since evolved into becoming one of the top producers and exporters of livestock and cereals. The region of Gran Chaco is especially known for being an optimum place to breed cattle and grow stocks, in particular cotton. In contrast the region of Patagonia is a glacial province renowned for its fjords, lakes and mountains. Though sometimes daunting it is a region that is mesmerising to witness. 

    Argentina is also known for having both the lowest and highest points in the western hemisphere with Laguna del Carbon (105m) and Cerro Aconcagua (6960m) respectively. It is a country of many contrasts that will leave you in awe at such diversity. A trip to Argentina will be an unforgetable adventure.

    • Iguazu Falls

      Iguazu Falls

    • Magellanic penguin in Patagonia

      Magellanic penguin in Patagonia

    Unforgettable Experiences in Argentina

    Many things make Argentina one of the most exciting holiday destinations to visit in South America—starting with Buenos Aires and its wondrous array of art, culture, dance and food. Visit the old milongas located in the city to learn about the infamous dance born here: the tango. In Patagonia, travellers will come face to face with the most stunning scenery and incredible wildlife. The coast is home to sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and the largest number of seabirds in any country.

    Argentina is also famous for producing some of the world's best wines, especially the renowned Malbec and the popular Torrontés. Visiting a winery while in Argentina is a must-do.

    • Perito Moreno Glacier

      Perito Moreno Glacier

    • Peninsula Valdes

      Peninsula Valdes

    Best time To visit Argentina

    • It is summertime in Argentina! The busiest time for visitors in many regions of the country. In Buenos Aires, Salta, Cordoba, and the Central Sierras, the high temperatures are uncomfortable and are accompanied by high humidity and heavy downpours. However, due to the rainfalls, the spectacular Iguazú Falls are full to bursting.

      If you are looking for a more pleasant trip to Patagonia this is the time to go. The weather is pretty dry and warm for lovely walks throughout the region.

    • Considered to be the autumn period, these are the best months to visit the several wineries around Argentina. During this time, the wineries enter their harvesting period, which makes it an ideal occasion to see the wine making process in action.

      With the surrounding foliage changing colour, it is a truly stunning sight to witness. Patagonia, the pampas and Mendoza are particularly scenic this time of year.

      The Train of the Clouds in Salta opens in April.

      It is also great for wildlife exploration as many animals will be more visible. Many bird species can be spotted in the Ibera Wetlands. The Iguazú Falls is incredibly colourful, with many butterflies visiting the area. Enormous colonies of Gentoo, Magellanic and King penguins chatter in Tierra del Fuego.

    • This period is considered the winter season in Argentina. Visits to Paratagonia during this time are considered a challenge because of the cold and sometimes wet atmosphere. However, this is an ideal time for skiing and winter sports.

      Buenos Aires is rainy and colder during this season. However, for tango lovers, August is the month to enjoy the tango festival.

      It is an excellent time to visit the country's northern regions, as temperatures tend to rise dramatically during the summer.

    • This time is perfect to see the colourful wildflowers blooming across Patagonia, the lake district and the pampas. Spring is warm throughout the day but can become chillier in the evenings. Temperatures vary between 7 degrees at night and go up to 18 degrees in the day.

      If you are concerned about large crowds, this is the best time to visit Argentina as it is considered their low season. However, during this time is possible to spot southern right whales and elephant seals in Peninsula Valdes.

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