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The Paracas Nature Reserve is the ideal departure point for the Ballestas Islands, often called Mini Galapagos for its reach wildlife.

An absolute paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, the Paracas Nature Reserve in the Ica region, spreads over 3,350km2 and is home to more than 400 species. This gorgeous protected natural area regroups Island, the ocean and the desert. We recommend you combine it with the mysterious and famous Nazca Lines created more than 1000 years ago, but also with Huacachina for its Oasis in the middle of the desert.

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    Uncover hidden mysteries

    Humpback whales, pelicans, sea lions and Humboldt penguins are just some of the few incredible animals you will encounter during your trip to the Paracas Nature Reserve.

    The Nazca Lines are still one of Peru's greatest mysteries, and their meaning is mere speculation. Measuring over 200 metres across and spread over approximately 500 sq kilometres, these geoglyphs represent many different things like animals, humans or geometrical shapes.  

    Between Paracas and Nazca, you’ll find the city of Ica with its famous wineries and bodegas. But the main reason to go there is to visit the only desert oasis in South America: Huacachina. This magical place is perfect for those who want to relax near the lake or enjoy some dunes' adventure activities. 

    Our favourite experiences

    • Travel Islas ballestas

      Take an Islas Ballestas tour

      Don’t let the nickname “Poor Man’s Galapagos Islands” put you off because Islas Ballestas is one of the best wildlife-watching experiences Peru has to offer. A boat tour will give you access to plenty of hidden treasure such as “The Candelabro”, a huge geoglyph in the form of a candlestick.

    • Paracas National Reserve

      Cycling in the Paracas National Reserve

      If you feel adventurous, Paracas National Reserve offers an amazing cycling route. The loop will take you to the best spots of the reserve such as some breathtaking beaches like Playa Supay or la Mina and a grand rock formation called the cathedral.

    • Tour Nazca Lines

      Fly over The Nazca lines

      There are two ways to enjoy the Nazca lines. You can climb the observation tower to view three of the Nazca geoglyphs but for the full experience, you will have to hop on a aeroplane. Usually, in 30 minutes you’ll be able to see the majority of the site. 

    • Holidays Peru Huacachina

      Take a buggy ride in Huacachina

      The largest sand dunes in South America offer an amazing playground for adrenaline junkies. Buggy riding is one of the most popular things to do in Huacachina and the majority also propose to surf down the hills on a sandboard. Take the tour during the late afternoon to enjoy an amazing sunset.

    • Lost Canyon Peru

      Discover The lost Canyon

      If you like to go off the beaten path and take your desert experience a step further, you should explore the splendid Canyon de Los Perdidos. As its name suggests, this canyon is in the middle of nowhere and is newly discovered, so we recommend taking a tour to go there.


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