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June 24, 2021

Peru is known for its verdant rainforest, towering mountains and Inca history but a lesser-known fact about this beautiful and eclectic country are the large number of stunning beaches that line its coast. While most travellers who come to Peru choose to opt for an adventurous holiday with lots of hiking and exploring, it is also the perfect destination for those who prefer languid days spent by the beach listening to the nearby sound of the waves. 

The North Coast

With over 2,400km of beaches along the Pacific Ocean, there is a wide variety of beaches to choose from. The northern coast of Peru is made of soft sand beaches, verdant forests and the powerful Amazon. The North Coast is often overshadowed by Peru’s South Coast due to it being closer to the Inca trail. However, here you will find the largest number of beaches in the country with a mixture of fun activities that can be done. 


A quaint seaside village, this town is a big getaway among locals wishing for a relaxing weekend. The shore is lined with authentic, local restaurants that give travellers a taste of Peruvian culture and cuisine. Mancora has some of the best waves in the country and is the best place to come for keen surfers and water-sport enthusiasts. Mancora is also known for its vibrant nightlife and is the place to be for those who like to party till the sun comes up. A night owls paradise. Fun fact: Mancora is also known for its 365 days of sun! 


Huanchaco which is the beach that belongs to the city of Trujillo is known as the birthplace of the famous Peruvian dish ‘ceviche’. It is also located close to the ancient Chan Chan ruins so is a great place to stay if you are looking to add a bit of archaeological expeditions to your beach holiday. Huanchaco is also known for its caballitos de totora, little reed boats that are still used by fishermen. This is a great spot for those who like to fish, as the sea is plentiful and there are lots of opportunities to hop on a barge and catch your own lunch or dinner. Travellers can even try fishing in the caballitos for a truly authentic experience. 

Los Organos

Located on the northern side of Peru, Los Organos is one of the remotest beaches in the country perfect for those who are looking to escape the crowds at the more popular beaches. The area around the dock is the ideal place to catch a glimpse of sea turtles as they are popular visitors of the area, always on the hunt for food left around by fishermen. Fans of wildlife will love this quiet beach for its whale watching activities, these mammals are frequent inhabitants of the waters. A boat trip into the deep blue waters will have you catching sight of dolphins and sea lions too. A great place to visit for families as children will be able to discover the marine life away from some of the more popular and crowded party beaches. 

Punta Sal

Punta Sal is the beach by excellence - white sand, warm turquoise waters, and blue skies - a paradisiac destination. This is considered the longest beach in the northern Peruvian coast spanning almost 6.5km giving travellers ample space to spread out on. The area is also known for being an excellent diving spot as it is home to the Elkhron reef that houses over 1200 colonies of coral.  

Cabo Blanco

Ernest Hemingway is believed to have lived here for more than 10 years and was inspired to write his eponymous ‘The Old Man and the Sea” while at Cabo Blanco. The beach gets its name from the rocky white cliffs that surround the area and offer a breathtaking scenery while lazing on the sand. The area is popular for sailing. It is also a great location for avid seafood eaters and those who enjoy fishing as the sea is thriving with black marlin, bigeye tuna and swordfish amongst others. 


Chicama is known for having the longest surf wave in the world - it goes up to one mile long - which surfers around the world travel to, to experience. A surfer’s paradise, you can see the waves forming from miles way atop the cliff facing the sea. A must-visit for experienced surfers and those wanting to try their hands at the sport. What better place to learn how to surf then here.

Peru Holidays - Playa Roja

Playa Roja 

Known as the red beach in English, it is named after the red sand that makes it up and which is due the erosion of ancient lava found in the area. A truly stunning sight to behold, travellers will be left impressed by its Mars-like desert-scape which will leave them wondering if they have been dropped on another planet. The beach is encircled by tall cliffs and the surrounding area is a protected national reserve, home to a lot of different wildlife, especially marine life as the ocean is full of dolphins, whales and seabirds. This beach is the perfect place for photography lovers as the usual landscape makes great photos.

The South Coast

The southern coast of Peru is known to be ‘The Land of the Incas’ with its wide array of archaeological sites, snow-capped Andes mountain and deep canyons. It is the most popular part of Peru for its variety of different activities such as hiking and exploration that are on offer. For this reason, its beaches are less populated though they shouldn’t be discounted as they offer so much and are truly some of the most stunning beaches on the continent. This is the perfect location for travellers wanting to split their trips between expedition and relaxation. 


Mollendo is a picturesque beach town, situated a little away from the usual popular haunts where very few travellers find their way too. This means that visitors here will find a truly authentic Peruvian seaside experience. This place is great for mingling with locals and learning about Peruvian culture in an idyllic setting. 


Nestled in Lima, this ‘urban’ beach is one of the most popular ones in Peru for its location in the capital. Miraflores is liked by many for the variety of choices in water sports, in particular parasailing and paragliding. The brown rocky cliffs that encircle the area make it perfect to indulge in the high-intensity activity that is paragliding. There are also a variety of other activities that can be done due to its cosmopolitan location making it the perfect destination for those who like lots of culture and entertainment with their holidays. 

Bahia Honoratos 

This beach situated on the coast of Arequipa is located in a small sheltered bay in an area still left untouched and relatively unknown by the world. It is surrounded by an eclectic variety of landscape from natural creeks, to volcanic sand hills and granite rocks. The ruins of Puerto Inca - which used to be the main port used by the Inca - are also not far away. Perfect for couples who just want to relax and take in the views in an idyllic location. 

It would be a shame to miss out on all that Peru’s coastline has to offer so be sure to get in touch with us so we can include some of these wonderful sights into your itinerary. Either as a sole beach holiday or in a more wide ranging tour of Peru we will be able to suit any preference. And relax…


Alexandra Coeln


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