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The Peruvian Amazon basin offers a once in a lifetime experience. It represents 13% of the world’s largest rainforest which is home to half of the planet’s flora and fauna. 

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on the hearth and covers around 550 million hectares across 9 countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru. The Peruvian Amazon basin represents 13% of the world’s largest rainforest, which is home to half of the planet’s flora and fauna and produces 20% of our oxygen. Staying in a lodge in the middle of the jungle will offer the explorers plenty of adventures and a once in a lifetime experience.

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    A big breath of fresh air

    Iquitos is for many visitors, the gateway to start their exploration of the Peruvian rainforest but it’s also the world’s largest city that can only be accessible by boat or aeroplane. The northern region is the unique area in Peru where the Amazon River can be found, which means that it's home to wildlife that you can’t find anywhere else such as the rare pink dolphins. From Iquito, you can choose to spot incredible animals as you cruise down the river or stay with one of the many indigenous tribes and learn about their culture.

    Less explored than the northern region, the Southern Amazon is one of Peru’s remotest territories. It can be reached from Cusco and offers some amazing opportunities to see the jungle in an intact state. Puerto Moreno is a rather forgotten city when it comes to the Amazon. But, the small town gives travellers a chance to get immersed immediately into the Amazon Jungle and make the most of its wonderful wildlife. 

    Our favourite experiences

    • Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve

      Explore Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve

      Pacaya is the largest nature reserve in the country and offers its visitors an incredible remote jungle experience. This floodable zone is a great location to admire pink river dolphins and beautiful sunsets reflecting on the water.

    • Visit Manu National Park

      Oberve wildlife in Manu National Park

      Manu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and might be the best place in the Amazon Rainforest to observe wildlife with its 1000 species of birds and 400 species of mammals. The access to the park is strictly controlled, which guaranty an unspoiled experience.

    • Tambopata National Reserve

      Visit Tambopata National Reserve

      Despite being extremely remote, Tambopata National Reserve might be the one that offers the most variety of activities like paddleboarding, mountain biking or canopy walks. It’s also home to many species rarely found elsewhere like a jaguar, white-lipped peccary, tapir and caiman.

    • Tour Amazon River

      Take a boat ride on The Amazon river

      If there is something that you absolutely need to do while you visit the Amazon jungle is taking a boat drive. You will see small villages, some incredible wildlife and if you’re lucky you can even spot some pink dolphins.

    • Visit Kuelap Peru

      Explore ancients ruins in Kuelap

      Kuelap was home to the Chachapoyas people a pre-Columbian civilisation living in the Amazonian region before invaders conquered them. A 1000 years old ruins are awe-inspiring and are sometimes referred to as Peru’s Second Machu Picchu.


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