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Patagonia is at the top of travellers bucket list and for good reason with its breathtaking scenery that is found nowhere else in the world. 

Patagonia is the southernmost region at the tip of South America shared by both Argentina and Chile. On the Chilean side of Patagonia, the Andes trails into the Pacific Ocean which leads to the creation of magnificent and unique mountainous formations in the shape of archipelagos and channels. Due to its close proximity to the Antarctic, fjords are also found here in great numbers.

Puerto Natales is a small port city that marks the entrance to Torres del Paine National Park. The town is incredibly picturesque with small houses with tin roofs that shimmer in the light. Spotted by Magellan in 1520, Tierra del Fuego is the smallest region in Chile and the furthest part of the country. It is worth making he journey here to be able to say you’ve been to the end of the world. 

  • Torres Del Paine
  • Patagonia Glacier
  • Punta Arenas

    Extreme Sensations at Torres del Paine

    Chilean Patagonia is renowned for being a haven for thrill-seeking travellers as it offers a variety of activities for those wanting to get out there and explore.

    Many travellers come to Patagonia to try their hand at trekking the mighty Torres del Paine mountain range. Torres del Paine is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is one of the eight wonders of the world making it a must-visit destination while here. Because of its varied landscape, kayaking is also a popular way of discovering this region as well as being one of the more unique ways to do so.

    Follow the river as it meanders through the Andean peak and surrounding forests going so far as to witness a fjord up close and personal. For the more daring of travellers why not try your hand at mountaineering. The jagged snow covered peak of the Andes is the perfect place for it and has been considered so for many years.

    Our favourite experiences

    • Magdalena Island

      Visit a Penguin Sanctuary in Magdalena Island

      Punta Arenas is a small but prosperous settlement that is located on the Strait of Magellan. Its closest neighbour is the Isla Magdalena which is home to a penguin sanctuary. Every year, between October to March, over 120,000 penguins make their way to this island to find their partner and mate. At the nearby Reserva Nacional Magallanes, travellers will discover a great place for spotting wildlife as the area is known for harbouring grey foxes as well as the rare puma.

    • Torres Del Paine Hiking

      Get awed by Torres Del Paine

      Torres del Paine National Park is named after the three gargantuan towers of granite that dominate the landscape of the park. The best way to see them is by hiking the numerous trails that wind their way through the park. On the way up you will witness ever-changing scenery that will leave you in awe of the immensity of nature. But the park is not only a mountainous region there are also forests, glaciers and deserts which can be visited by bikes, kayaks and horseback. 

    • Marble Caves

      Discover the Marble Caves

      Created over six thousand years ago, the marble caves of General Carrera in Chico are said to be the most beautiful in the world. The caves have been carved over the years by the waves crashing into the sides of the mountain thus creating tunnels and caves that weave their way under the peninsula. The blue of the lake is reflected onto the surface of the cave giving them their distinctive turquoise colour. Depending on the time of day this will also change as the sun changes directions making it an ever changing scenery.

    • Pumalin Park

      Hike in Pumalín Park

      Pumalín Park is so big that it is divided into two areas. The first, Pumalin North can only be visited by water; the more adventurous travellers can opt for a kayak trip while the rest can hop on a boat cruise. Pumalín South is where you will find the more verdant landscapes with waterfalls and volcanoes. A true hikers paradise for the vast array of different trails and landscapes that travellers can see during their time here. 

    • Tiera Del Fuego

      Go to the end of the world in Tierra Del Fuego

      Right at the bottom of Chile, there is a smattering of islands known as Tierra del Fuego which is where travellers will find Puerto Williams. This is the furthest city of the continent, the only way to access it is by boat or by plane. The area is known for its abundance of sea mammals in the shape of dolphins, sea lions and whales. Due to its location, few travellers come and visit this area and city that once used to be home to the highest number of indigenous people. Coming to Puerto Williams is a true opportunity to disconnect from the world.


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