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Norte Chico is an incredibly small region of Chile but packs a punch when it comes to all that there is to do. 

    The birthplace of Chile

    Norte Chico is made of a diverse ecosystem where flora and fauna thrive and bring the environment together. Sea lions, penguins and dolphins are often seen in the clear blue waters surrounding the coast. The Valle del Encanto is a must-visit for travellers that enjoy archaeology and history as the area is known for its petroglyphs; large carvings made into the rock surface depicting events that took place thousands of years ago. It is said to be the location of the first civilisation in South America. 

    The flowering desert is a magical and mystical occurrence that only the luckiest of travellers are able to witness. This incredibly parched desert will, after heavy winter rains, see the ground flowering with thousands of small multicoloured flowers hidden away in, out of sight, in bulbs beneath the earth. It is a spectacular sight, one that infrequently occurs every four to five years, for your chance to see this desert turned into a carpet of flowers head there between September and October. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • La Serena

      Recharche in La Serena

      La Serena is Chiles’ second oldest city and is known for its stunning neo-colonial architecture that lines the coastline turning it into an idyllic setting to relax and recharge before going on your travels.
      The nearby town of Coquimbo is equally a great resting place for weary limbs with its silken beaches and quaint, colourful beaches. In colonial times, the port was used to export copper that used to be plentiful in the region and attracted many different people in search of their fortune.

    • Fray Jorge National Park

      Enjoy the forest in the sky in Fray Jorge National Park

      Parque National Fray Jorge has been classed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1977 and attracts visitors worldwide for its renowned cloud forest that sits 600m above sea level. The cloud forest is a result of the thick fog from the ocean condensing and rising when it meets the land. Vegetation here is dense and verdant due to the constant moisture and wetness created by the cloud forest. Visitors can take a short hike through the forest and experience this small microclimate before returning to drier climes.

    • The Elqui Valley

      Try Pisco in The Elqui Valley

      The Elqui Valley is the home of pisco making and the area is covered in rows upon rows of vines that grow the delicious grapes. The valley however is also a popular region for growing other fruits such as oranges, papayas and avocados due to the proximity to the Las Lagunas dams. Pisco Elqui itself is a small village in the valley that lends its name to the drink. The Planta Capel distillery is the largest pisco distillery in the Elqui Valley and offers guided tours of the vineyard and the small museum depicting the history of the brandy. The tour ends with a tasting that will leave you wanting more. 

    • The Humboldt Reserve

      Spot some Penguins in The Humboldt Reserve

      The Humboldt Reserve gets its name from the Humboldt penguins that are found in abundance in the park. Measuring 888 hectares, Humboldt reserve is a haven to almost 70 different species of animals both land and marine mammals as well as birds. Humpback whales often swim in the waters surrounding the reserve. The reserve is an idyllic place to come close to and see some of these rare creatures. 


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