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An Island renowned for its impressive architecture and unique folklore that captivates the hearts of many.

Chiloé is an island just off Chile's coast that is unique and diverse thanks to its rich history. During the seventeenth and eighteenth-century Jesuit missionaries came to the island and built wooden churches that would one day become a key attraction of the island. Chiloé is particularly known for its original architecture, such as the previously mentioned wooden churches and their palafitos which are timber houses built on stilts. It is also a verdant island with evergreen forests and thriving land and marine life.

    Magical and mystical Chiloé

    When visiting Chiloé, travellers will be taken by its extraordinary and deeply rooted folklore and traditions. Tales of brujos, voladoras and other magical creatures are prevalent and give this island an air of mysticism that is adverse to its cheerful appearance. The colourful churches that attract visitors to the island are a must-visit when you come here. 16 of them are classed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the Centro de Visitantes de las Inglesias de Chiloé is an old convent turned museum that gives insightful background on these churches. 

    Chiloé is also known for its incredible culinary offerings. The most popular of these is Curanto, a meat and seafood dish prepared in a large pit and lined with hot stones called curanto thus where it gets its name from. The pit is then covered with large rhubarb leaves, leaving the meat, seafood and vegetables to steam cook. Curanto is served with Milcao, a dish made of mashed and grated potatoes cooked in lard. All of this topped with a cool and refreshing glass of pisco. An authentic experience that must be tried at least once.

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Chiloe National Park

      Hike in Chiloe National Park

      Chiloe National Park is a 43,057 acre park that is so large it is divided into two sections. Different parts of the park have different landscapes, sometimes lush green vegetation and other times a coastal, sandy dune. One of the most popular areas of the park is the Cucao Lake followed by Metalqui beach and its impressive colony of sea lions.

    • Punihuil islets

      Visit The islets of Punihuil

      The islets of Punihuil is a group of three small islands located just off the coast of Chiloe and that are known for being a breeding ground for Magellanic penguins as well as the occasional and rare Humboldt penguin. Visitors can take a day trip to this small group of islands and see the majestic penguins up close and in their natural habitat.

    • San Francisco Church

      Discover Castro's Churches

      Castro, a small town in Chiloe attracts many visitors due to its now famous Saint Francisco Church that was built in the early 20th century and is painted a bright yellow shade. The church is one of the 16 UNESCO Heritage Sites. If you enjoy cultural activities then the Museum of Modern Art Chiloe is a must-visit and showcases Chilean artists from around the country.

    • Learn a little bit of history in Ancud

      If you want to learn more about the history of Chiloe, then head to Ancud. Here you will find the Regional Museum of Ancud that gives in-depth information about this island and city, which was destroyed in the 1960s by an earthquake only to be rebuilt into a quaint little town. The museum really brings the town to live with archaeological and textile displays while taking visitors on a journey through time. The San Antonio Fort is the perfect place to get a birds-eye view of the port and surrounding area.

    • Muelle de las Almas

      Have a look at Muelle de las Almas

      Muelle de las Almas is a wooden dock come art installation with its roots in local indigenous culture. Myth cites that upon dying, the departed souls had to head to the cliffs where the dock is found and call out to the ferryman to come and pick them and take their soul to the afterlife. The Mapuche people often left small turquoise stones next to their dead to pay the ferryman ahead of their journey.

    • Humboldt Penguins

      Spot some wildlife in Chiloe Island

      Chiloe is a small island cut off from the Chilean Lake District area that is the perfect spot for bird watching and water mammal spotting. Due to its varied ecosystems made up of wetlands, forests and coastland there is an enormous number of birds to discover. The surrounding sea is also home to dolphins, sea lions and penguins making the journey to and from the mainland the perfect opportunity to meet these playful mammals.


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