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The mystery of the Moai is one that has attracted many visitors over the years and one that needs to be seen to understand the immensity of it.

Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui is famed for its large statues depicting oversized heads on small neck-like bodies called Moai. These figures were carved between the 13th and 16th century and amount to almost 900 of them on the island. The island is also a haven for diving, snorkelling and hiking with much of its beauty left intact thanks to the special care of its inhabitants. A true gem off the coast of Chile. 

    Ancient culture of Easter Island

    The Moai figures were carved and sculpted out of the rock from a quarry by the indigenous people of the island to honour the memory of their ancestors. From the quarry they were then taken to the ahu which is a ceremonial platform where the Moai are placed as a remembrance of the deceased. There are multiple ahus dotted around the island.

    The Tapati Festival celebrating the Rapa Nui culture is a must-do as visitors will be able to witness the traditions and events of this fascinating people. Seafood is the food of choice here as it is so caught fresh daily. Sea urchin is a particular delicacy on Easter Island and is eaten raw similarly to the popular ceviche.

    Our favourite Experiences

    • Anakena Beach

      Relax in Anakena Beach

      Anakena is the picture perfect white sand beach that everyone dreams of going to. This is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy a lazy day by the beach. Presiding over Anakena are seven Moais, four of which have topknots which are a rare sight to see as most Moai do not have additional features. 

    • Hanga Roa

      Learn the art of craft in Hanga Roa

      Hanga Roa is the main town on Easter Island and is ideally located near all of the attractions and activities. The Rapa Nui culture is incredibly proud of their skills and dexterity with crafts. The largest variety of handcrafted wares can be found at the craft market located opposite the church in the centre of the town. Craftsmen from all over the island come here to showcase their goods each of them of the highest quality.

    • Ahu Tongariki

      Discover the Moai of Ahu Tongariki

      This ahu is the largest one on the island with a grand total of 15 Moai found here. The area went through quite a few tumultuous events before being restored back to its pristine condition. Fun fact: the heaviest Moai is found at Ahu Tongariki and weighs an approximate 86 tonne. 

    • Visit the birthplace of the Moai in Rano Raraku

      Rano Raraku is the name of the quarry where the Moai were carved from and is both a historical and archaeologically important location for the inhabitants of the island. All of the figures that are found throughout the island were sculpted here before being moved to their current location. Visitors can go into the quarry and learn about the history of the Moai and see exactly how they were carved. There are over 300 unfinished and abandoned Moai still in the quarry. 

    • Learn about this history of Birdman in Rano Kau

      Rano Kau is an extinct volcano whose crater, over the years, has turned into a lake making it one of the few areas with freshwater on the island. Located near the volcano is the village of Orongo, a World Heritage Site where once the Birdman competition used to take place to pay respect to the bird gods. A visit here becomes a true immersion in the culture and spirit of the Rapa Nui people and their ancestors.


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