Peruvian Tapestry: A Cultural and Culinary Odyssey Uncover South America

Peru Tour Echoes of Inca: A Tapestry of Tradition and Culinary Excellence

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    Cultural and Culinary Odyssey

    Embark on a transformative journey through Peru, where each day invites you to embrace the vibrant culture. Immerse yourself in the art of Peruvian cuisine during cooking classes with local chefs. Roam through Lima and Cusco's lively markets, savouring the diverse flavours that define the country. In the Sacred Valley, go beyond the ordinary—participate in spontaneous agricultural tasks, discover unique traditions and engage in the ancient craft.

    Ascend Machu Picchu Mountain for awe-inspiring vistas, and in Cusco, Chef Seledonia guides you through market adventures and hands-on culinary experiences. Conclude your journey with a soul-stirring Despacho Ceremony in Cusco, a ritual crafted by Andean masters.

    This tour promises not just exploration but an active immersion into the beating heart of Peru's culture.


    Gastronomy, Culture & Adventure

    Tour Highlights

    Cultural Odyssey: Embark on a cultural immersion, from Lima's historic streets to the enchanting Andean landscapes, connecting deeply with local traditions and hidden gems.

     Gastronomic Journey: Savour the essence of Peru through hands-on cooking classes, exclusive dinners, and a gastronomic tour, unlocking the secrets of local flavours.

    Sustainable Exploration: Engage in sustainable travel, contributing to the well-being of local communities through activities like guinea pig breeding and spontaneous agricultural tasks.

    Mystical Moments: Experience the mystical beauty of Machu Picchu and conclude with a soulful Despacho Ceremony.

    Personal Connections: Forge genuine connections with locals during activities like the Lamay Mountains cultural exchange, creating memories that go beyond tourism.

    Tour Itinerary and Essentials

    • Detailed Itinerary Show All

      • Day 1 Arrival in Lima: Embracing the Heartbeat of Peru

        Bienvenidos a Perú, where adventure and awe-inspiring landscapes await you! As you step off the plane at Lima airport, anticipation fills the air. A friendly driver, armed with a sign bearing your name, will be there to welcome you and whisk you away to your comfortable hotel.

        After settling into your accommodations, the evening is yours to explore. Lima, with its mix of colonial charm and modern flair, beckons you to wander its historic streets or indulge in a delightful meal at a local eatery.

        Overnight: Second Home Hotel
        Meal Plan: None

      • Day 2 Lima - A Culinary Adventure Unveiled

        Embark on a lively journey from Barranco and Miraflores, delving into Lima's rich history. Begin your day with a traditional Limeño breakfast, a burst of local flavours, followed by a visit to the vibrant Central Market—a festival of Peruvian tastes.

        Savour unique cheeses and tropical fruit juices, connecting with local traditions. Explore historic Chinatown and Lima's center, immersing yourself in Peru's independence spirit.

        Lunch at an iconic Lima restaurant combines traditional flavours with charm. As the sun sets, enjoy an exclusive dinner hosted by innovative chefs—a journey into Peruvian culture and biodiversity.

        Participate in a 5-hour gastronomic tour, discovering native ingredients and award-winning chocolates. This culinary odyssey through Peru's regions unfolds during a starlit dinner, promising an evening that transcends taste and becomes a journey of discovery. Join us for a day filled with history, flavour, and unforgettable moments!

        Overnight: Second Home Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Dinner

      • Day 3 Lima to Cusco - Unveiling the Treasures of the Sacred Valley

        Your adventure continues as you board a flight to Cusco, where a private tour awaits to explore the enchanting Sacred Valley of the Incas. 

        The journey commences at the vibrant Pisac market, offering a kaleidoscope of souvenirs—pottery, hats, alpaca textiles, and more. If the altitude permits, ascend to the archaeological site of Pisac for terraces, aqueducts, and panoramic views.

        Then, explore a traditional village, taking in the Lamay Church adorned with global artwork. Venture to a guinea pig breeding business and a corn beer brewery to unravel the secrets of "chicha de jora." Indulge in chicha and the local snack "picante."

        Visit the Lamay bread oven, delving into the art of bread-making. Engage with locals, gaining insights into their daily lives and contributing to the appreciation of their essential activities.

        Conclude your day in the heart of Lamay, where the spirit of the valley echoes in the air. Overnight in this picturesque setting, savouring the experiences that weave the fabric of the Sacred Valley.

        Overnight: Nunu Boutique Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 4 High Andean Fellowship and Cultural Exchange

        Embark on a day of heartwarming connection as we journey to the Lamay Mountains, immersing ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of Andean culture. This day is not just a visit; it's an opportunity to foster fellowship and contribute to the sustainable development of a local community.

        Engage in a spontaneous agricultural task, delving into the intricacies of native plants, crops, and time-honored tools and techniques. This hands-on experience offers a genuine connection to the land and its traditions.

        After the agricultural activity, savour a typical lunch crafted from the community's produce. 

        In the afternoon, the women of the community will unveil the intricate world of textile art—a vital thread in their family dynamics. Engage in conversations about customs and the integral role they play in the community.

        As the day unfolds, soak in the warmth of shared moments. In the afternoon, return to Lamay, reflecting on a day that goes beyond tourism—it's an exchange of stories, traditions, and genuine connections.

        Overnight: Nunu Boutique Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 5 Ollantaytambo - Marvels of Maras & Moray, Culminating in Pachamanca Bliss

        As the sun graces the Sacred Valley, your day unfolds with a journey through the wonders of Maras and Moray, guided by an English-speaking companion.

        Below the picturesque village of Maras lies the captivating Salineras—salt ponds that have stood since pre-Inca times, creating a mesmerizing landscape. Venture behind Maras to Moray, an Inca site boasting rounded terraces cascading into the hills, where crops likely adapted to varying altitudes. Stroll, learn, and capture the magic.

        Journey to Ollantaytambo where you will participate in the burial of this millennia-old lunch in the underground stone oven—a Pachamanca. Delve into the organic garden, distillery, and coffee roasting during the cooking process. Witness the unveiling of your feast and relish it on a terrace with a panoramic view of Ollantaytambo's archaeological complex.

        After lunch, immerse yourself in the charm of Ollantaytambo. Explore the ruins or wander through the cobblestone streets at your own pace, absorbing the history that echoes through its stones.

        As the day bids farewell, make your way to the train station independently and embark on a scenic journey to Aguas Calientes—the town nestled below the majestic Machu Picchu.

        Overnight: El Mapi Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 6 Machu Picchu's Majesty and Return to Cusco

        Located at 2,430 meters above the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu is a testament to the Inca Empire's architectural prowess. Begin your exploration by ascending the Machu Picchu mountain—a less crowded alternative to the often-visited Huayna Picchu. The climb, taking about one and a half hours, rewards you with panoramic views of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, and the meandering Urubamba River. 

        After the ascent, reunite with your Coffee Route guide for a comprehensive 2 to 2.5-hour tour of Machu Picchu. Uncover the history, architecture, and spiritual significance of this ancient Incan marvel, nestled strategically between deep canyons and formidable mountains.

        Savour a well-deserved lunch, reminiscing about the wonders witnessed. Bid farewell to Machu Picchu as you board a train back to Ollantaytambo and continue your journey to Cusco.

        Overnight: La Casona Antigua San Blas
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 7 Cusco - Culinary Delights and Enchanting Exploration

        Accompanied by the talented chef Seledonia, dive into the local market to select the freshest ingredients, learning the art of discerning quality. Transition to her restaurant, where you'll craft typical Peruvian dishes and savour her unique creations. The culmination is a delightful lunch complemented by the national drink, Pisco Sour.

        Post-lunch, your exploration of Cusco's treasures begins at Qenqo—an impressive archaeological site offering panoramic city views. Continue to Sacsayhuamán, where our guide unravels captivating stories about the ancient ruins. Stroll through the enchanting San Blas neighbourhood, known for its narrow streets and unique shops. Take a rejuvenating break at a recommended café before visiting the renowned Temple of the Sun.

        Overnight: La Casona Antigua San Blas
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 8 Cusco - Despacho Ceremony: A Soulful Farewell to Peru

        As your Peruvian adventure draws to a close, immerse yourself in a transformative experience with the sacred Despacho Ceremony. This ancient ritual serves as a profound bridge to the cosmos, a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the energies that have surrounded and guided your journey.

        Participate in this sacred offering to the universe, crafted in collaboration with Andean masters. Utilising elements from the animal, plant, mineral, and water kingdoms, the ceremony follows a traditional cosmic order. It goes beyond a mere ritual; it's an opportunity to express gratitude to the Apu mountain gods, Mother Earth (Pachamama), and the universal cosmos.
        Whether you seek to attract new energies into your life, express gratitude, or invite good fortune, each Despacho Ceremony is tailored to your unique intentions. This profound experience marks a meaningful conclusion to your journey, leaving you with not only cherished memories but also a renewed spiritual connection and enduring inner peace.

        Following the ceremony, catch an afternoon flight back to Lima, carrying the spirit of the Andes and the essence of Peru with you. 

        Meal Plan: Breakfast

    • What's Included

      • 7 nights' accommodation 
      • Private ground transportation 
      • Meals as defined in the itinerary
      • Local English-speaking tour guide
      • Domestic flights
      • Activities mentioned in the itinerary

      What's not Included

      • International flights
      • Meals not listed in the itinerary
      • Tips and other discretionary expenses


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