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Brazil Tour From Rio to the Amazon discover Brazil's eclectic tapestry

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    Brazil Wildlife & Nature Adventure

    Embark on an exhilarating Brazilian journey, where Rio de Janeiro's vibrant streets lead to iconic landmarks like Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. Feel the thunderous roar of Iguazu Falls from both Brazilian and Argentinean perspectives, then delve into the untamed wilderness of the Pantanal for encounters with diverse wildlife.

    In the Amazon rainforest, surrender to the jungle's rhythm during serene canoe trips and nocturnal tours. Engage with indigenous communities and witness the playful dance of pink dolphins. Explore São Paulo's dynamic cityscape, where history and modernity intertwine amidst rich cultural experiences and delectable gastronomy.

    Each moment promises to ignite your senses, offering an immersive adventure through the heart of Brazil.


    Nature, Widldlife, Adventure, Community Tourism

    Tour Highlights

    Cultural Exchange: Visit indigenous communities and learn about their way of life. Gain insight into ancient customs and traditions.

    → Wildlife Encounters: Explore the Pantanal's untamed wilderness. See diverse wildlife, including jaguars, capybaras, and pink dolphins, in their natural habitat.

    → Jungle Adventures: Navigate the Amazon rainforest on canoe trips and nocturnal tours. Surrender to the rhythm of the jungle as you discover its hidden wonders.

    → Cultural Immersion: Explore São Paulo's dynamic cityscape and rich cultural experiences. Get lost in Brazil's vibrant culture, history, and gastronomy.

    → Breathtaking Waterfalls: Witness the power of Iguazu Falls from Brazilian and Argentinean viewpoints. Experience the beauty of one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders.

    Tour Itinerary and Essentials

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      • Day 1 Welcome to the vibrant heartbeat of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro!

        Your adventure begins as you touch down in this captivating city, where the energy is palpable and the possibilities are endless. Upon arrival, our dedicated team will wait to whisk you away to your accommodation, where you'll settle in and prepare for the unforgettable journey ahead.

        With the rest of the day at your disposal, immerse yourself in the rhythm of Rio. Wander through the bustling streets, where samba beats mingle with the scent of exotic street food and feel the warm embrace of the sun as you stroll along the iconic Copacabana Beach.

        Overnight: Novotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Hotel

      • Day 2 Rio's Icons - Christ the Redeemer & Sugarloaf

        Our journey begins with a breathtaking ascent to Corcovado Hill, home to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. As we make our way up, we pause at the Dona Marta belvedere, a spot that offers panoramic vistas of Rio's splendour, including the sprawling Maracanã Stadium, the sparkling Guanabara Bay, and the unmistakable silhouette of Sugarloaf Mountain. Arriving at the summit, get ready to be captivated by sweeping views across Copacabana, Ipanema, and beyond, a sight that truly captures the grandeur of Rio.

        Next, we embark on a thrilling adventure to Sugarloaf Mountain, aptly named for its resemblance to a traditional sugarloaf. Our ascent begins with a heart-pounding ride in glass cable cars, first to the summit of Urca Hill, where the city unfolds beneath us in all its splendour. From here, a second cable car transports us even higher, offering a 360-degree panorama of Rio's beauty, from the lush Botanical Garden to the azure waters of the bay.

        Overnight: Novotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 3 Rio's Historical Tapestry - Downtown Exploration

        Delve into the rich tapestry of Rio de Janeiro's past on a captivating walking tour through its historic downtown.

        Our journey begins at Cinelândia Square, a bustling hub where the echoes of Rio's past reverberate through landmarks such as the National Library, the Parliament, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and the majestic Municipal Theatre, inspired by the grandeur of French opera houses.

        As we meander through the streets, we'll encounter the XV Square, home to the stately Imperial Palace, once the residence of governors and the Brazilian Imperial family. Nearby, the Tiradentes Palace and ornate churches offer further glimpses into Rio's storied past.

        Continuing our exploration, we'll pause at cultural institutions such as the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center and the France-Brazil House, each a testament to the city's vibrant cultural heritage. Our journey culminates at the neoclassical splendour of the Candelária Church, a masterpiece whose construction spanned over two centuries, serving as a symbol of enduring faith and architectural prowess.

        Overnight: Novotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 4 Transfer to Foz do Iguaçu

        After a leisurely breakfast, we'll make our way to the airport for a smooth flight to our next destination. Upon arrival in Foz do Iguaçu, our team will be on hand to greet you and ensure a seamless transfer to your accommodation.

        Take this day to unwind and recharge as you settle into your new surroundings. Perhaps indulge in a leisurely stroll to acquaint yourself with the area, or simply relax and soak in the anticipation of tomorrow's adventure.

        Overnight: Sanma Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 5 Iguazu Falls Exploration & Macuco Safari Adventure

        Today, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Iguazu Falls, listed among the New Seven Wonders of Nature, as we embark on an unforgettable journey to discover this natural wonder from both the Brazilian and Argentinean perspectives.

        We'll begin by crossing the International Tancredo Neves Bridge, linking Brazil and Argentina, symbolizing international unity. Upon reaching the Argentine side, we'll explore two-thirds of the falls, experiencing this natural spectacle's sheer power and majesty. Marvel at Devil's Throat and traverse suspended walkways for a close-up encounter with the cascading waters.

        Returning to the Brazilian side, we'll enjoy panoramic views of the falls, offering a unique perspective of their grandeur. Then, we'll embark on the Macuco Safari for an extra dose of adventure. This guided tour takes us through the Iguaçu National Park, offering a jungle ride, a nature walk, and an exhilarating boat ride to the base of the falls.

        Overnight: Sanma Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 6 Journey to the Untamed Pantanal

        Today, we bid farewell to the majestic Iguazu Falls as we embark on a journey to the untamed wilderness of the Pantanal.

        After breakfast, we'll transfer to the airport for a scenic flight to our next destination. Arriving in the Pantanal, one of the world's largest tropical wetland areas, we'll be greeted by vast expanses of marshlands teeming with wildlife.

        Upon arrival, our team will be on hand to escort you to your accommodation, where you'll have the opportunity to unwind and prepare for the adventures that lie ahead. Whether you choose to relax amidst the tranquil surroundings or delve straight into the wilderness, the Pantanal promises an unforgettable experience of nature at its most raw and untamed.

        Overnight: Aguapé Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 7 Southern Pantanal Adventure

        Our adventure begins with a thrilling horseback riding excursion, allowing us to traverse this unique ecosystem's rugged terrain and lush vegetation. As we trot through the wilderness, keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of wildlife and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Pantanal.

        Next, we'll embark on a scenic boat trip along the Aquidauana River, drifting through winding waterways and tranquil lagoons. This immersive journey offers unparalleled opportunities to observe the diverse array of birdlife and aquatic species that call the Pantanal home.

        As the sun sets and darkness descends, we'll venture out on a night walk, guided by the soft glow of the moon and the sounds of the nocturnal world coming alive around us. With heightened senses, we'll explore the mysteries of the Pantanal after dark, seeking out elusive creatures and marvelling at the beauty of the starlit sky.

        Overnight: Aguapé Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 8 Southern Pantanal Adventure

        Our journey begins with an exhilarating photo safari by car, providing us with the perfect vantage points to capture the diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes of this pristine wilderness. With our cameras at the ready, we'll traverse the rugged terrain in search of iconic species such as jaguars, capybaras, and colourful birdlife.

        As the day unfolds, we'll indulge in the time-honoured tradition of sport fishing, casting our lines into the pristine waters of the Pantanal in search of the region's legendary freshwater species. Whether you're an experienced angler or trying your hand at fishing for the first time, the thrill of the catch awaits amidst the tranquillity of nature.

        Overnight: Aguapé Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 9 Journey to Manaus

        Today, we bid farewell to the untamed beauty of the Southern Pantanal as we embark on a journey to the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Manaus.

        After breakfast, we'll transfer to the airport for a scenic flight to Manaus, the gateway to the Brazilian Amazon. Upon arrival, we'll be greeted by the sights and sounds of this vibrant city, nestled amidst the lush greenery of the rainforest.

        Our team will be on hand to escort you to your accommodation, where you'll have the opportunity to relax and prepare for the adventures that await in the Amazon.

        Overnight: Juma Opera Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 10 Amazon Adventure - Jungle Hike & Indigenous Community Visit

        Our day begins with a thrilling jungle hike, led by experienced guides who will unveil the rainforest's secrets as we traverse lush trails teeming with life. Along the way, keep your senses alert for sightings of colorful birds, playful monkeys, and other fascinating wildlife that call the Amazon home. Learn about the intricate ecosystem of the rainforest, from the towering canopy to the diverse flora that thrives beneath.

        After our hike, we'll venture to a local community nestled amidst the dense foliage of the rainforest. Here, we'll have the opportunity to engage with indigenous residents, gaining insight into their traditional way of life and deep connection to the land. Learn about their customs, traditions, and ancient knowledge of the rainforest, as we share stories and experiences that bridge cultures and generations.

        Overnight: Juma Amazon Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 11 Amazon Immersion: Canoe trip, observation tower and nocturnal tour

        Our adventure begins with a serene rowing canoe trip, gliding gracefully through the winding igarapés and igapós, where the tranquil waters reflect the lush greenery surrounding us. Listen closely as the mysterious sounds of the forest fill the air, immersing us in the natural symphony of the Amazon.

        Next, we ascend to new heights atop the observation tower, standing 31 meters above the forest floor. From this vantage point, we gain a bird's-eye view of the Juma region, marvelling at the vast expanse of greenery stretching to the horizon. Take part in a tree planting program, contributing to the conservation efforts and raising awareness of the vital role of the Amazon in our planet's ecosystem.

        As night falls, we set out on a thrilling nocturnal tour, venturing into the darkness to observe the creatures that come alive under the cover of night. From alligators to frogs to nocturnal birds, our expert guide illuminates the hidden world of the Amazon with a single flashlight, creating an atmosphere of excitement and wonder.

        Overnight: Juma Amazon Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 12 Pink Dolphin Expedition & Relaxation

        Our journey begins as we venture out onto the tranquil waters of the Rio Negro, accompanied by expert guides who will lead us to the habitats of these magnificent creatures. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of the elusive pink dolphins as they playfully glide through the water. 

        Our guides will share insights into their behaviour, habitat, and conservation efforts aimed at protecting their delicate ecosystem. Learn about the cultural significance of pink dolphins in Amazonian folklore and the vital role they play in maintaining the balance of the river ecosystem.

        After our expedition, we return to our accommodations for a restful afternoon in the serene Amazon rainforest.

        Overnight: Juma Amazon Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 13 Journey to São Paulo

        Today marks the conclusion of our extraordinary adventure in the Amazon as we begin our journey back to the bustling cityscape of São Paulo.

        After breakfast, we'll bid farewell to the tranquil beauty of the rainforest and go to the airport for our flight to São Paulo. Upon arrival, our team will be on hand to assist with your transfer to your accommodation.

        Overnight: Canopy by Hilton São Paulo
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 14 São Paulo Exploration: Diversity in Motion

        São Paulo, a city of 11 million, epitomizes diversity. Its metropolitan region, with nearly 20 million, offers an array of leisure, culture, gastronomy, and ecology.

        As a melting pot of cultures, São Paulo's past century saw waves of immigration, creating a vibrant urban centre. Today, it's not just a business hub but a leisure destination with natural parks, cultural centres, rich gastronomy, and diverse shopping options.

        Our customizable city centre tour unveils São Paulo's history and culture. Highlights include the Pinacoteca, Luz Monastery, Municipal Market (try the famous Mortadela Sandwich), São Bento Monastery, and Pátio do Colégio Square. Visit iconic churches like Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Sé Cathedral before enjoying a coffee break at the majestic Municipal Theatre.

        Overnight: Canopy by Hilton São Paulo
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 15 End of adventure

        Today marks the conclusion of our incredible journey through Brazil. With hearts full of cherished memories and a sense of adventure satisfied, it's time to bid farewell to this beautiful country and begin our journey back home.

        After breakfast, we'll make our way to the airport for our flights back home. 

    • What's Included

      • 14 nights' accommodation 
      • Private ground transportation 
      • Meals as defined in the itinerary
      • Local English-speaking tour guide
      • Domestic flights
      • Activities mentioned in the itinerary
      • Entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary 

      What's not Included

      • International flights
      • Meals not listed in the itinerary
      • Tips and other discretionary expense


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