Unveiling Colombia and Ecuador's natural treasures Uncover South America

Colombia & Ecuador Tour Wilderness Wonders: Unveiling Colombia and Ecuador's natural treasures

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    Wilderness Wonders: Colombia & Ecuador Adventure Tour

    Answer nature's call with this Colombia and Ecuador vacation, crafted for adventure seekers who cherish offbeat escapades, wildlife encounters and stunning sceneries. Explore captivating cities like Bogotá and Quito, engage in 4x4 safaris, horseback journeys, and Amazonian waterways. Immerse in coffee culture, hike awe-inspiring landscapes, and uncover biodiversity at Los Nevados National Natural Park. Discover Galapagos' wildlife wonders and unwind at Papallacta Hot Springs.

    Join us to embrace the wild spirit within, to venture beyond boundaries, and to create memories that will resonate with you long after the journey ends. This is your chance to rekindle your connection with nature and experience the world with a newfound sense of wonder.


    Wildlife, Nature, Adventure

    • Cotopaxi, Ecuador

      Cotopaxi, Ecuador

    • Amazon, Colombia

      Amazon, Colombia

    • Galapagos Island

      Galapagos Island

    Tour Highlights

    Bogota Rhythmic Odyssey: Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Bogota, as you navigate vibrant markets and ascend Monserrate for sweeping panoramic views of the city.

    → Wild Llanos Expedition: Embark on an adventure into the untamed heart of Los Llanos, where encounters with diverse wildlife and exhilarating safaris promise an unforgettable journey.

    → Coffee Triangle Exploration: Uncover the allure of the Coffee Triangle as you traverse its stunning landscapes and visit charming towns, immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of this captivating region.

    Cotopaxi Alpine Trek: Journey through Cotopaxi National Park, where towering volcanoes and serene lagoons await your exploration amidst breathtaking landscapes. Hike through this natural wonderland for an awe-inspiring experience.

    Galapagos Wildlife Discovery: Delve into the extraordinary wildlife and pristine beauty of the Galapagos Islands, where unique species and stunning landscapes combine to create an unparalleled adventure.

    • Los Llanos, Colombia

      Los Llanos, Colombia

    • Salento, Colombia

      Salento, Colombia

    • Coffee Region, Colombia

      Coffee Region, Colombia

    Tour Itinerary and Essentials

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      • Day 1 Arrival in Bogota

        Welcome to Bogota, where your adventure kicks off in style! Arriving is a breeze with our dedicated private chauffeur, who'll be there to whisk you away to your boutique hotel. After a smooth ride from the airport to your luxurious haven, you'll find yourself with a world of possibilities for the rest of the day. With no set agenda, you're free to embrace the city's rhythm at your own pace – explore the vibrant streets, savour local delicacies, or simply unwind in the hotel's cosy embrace. 

        Overnight: Hotel NH Hacienda Royal
        Meal Plan: None

      • Day 2 Unveiling Bogota's Soul and Senses

        Embark on an enriching journey through Bogota's soul on your second day with an immersive city tour that promises to ignite your senses. We start at Paloquemao Market, a vibrant tapestry of colours and scents where local life unfolds before your eyes. From exotic produce to handcrafted treasures, every corner tells a story of Colombian culture.

        Our exploration then leads us to the historic streets of La Candelaria, a colonial gem adorned with mesmerising street art and timeless architecture. The past and present intertwine, offering a glimpse into Bogota's evolution. Ascend Monserrate, the city's guardian mountain, for panoramic vistas that take your breath away. Whether by cable car or a scenic hike, the view from the top is a reminder of Bogota's grandeur.

        As the day unfolds, the Botero Museum welcomes you with open arms to admire Fernando Botero's iconic sculptures and paintings. His signature style, characterised by ample forms, adds a playful dimension to your cultural journey.

        A quintessential Bogota experience that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

        Overnight: Hotel NH Hacienda Royal
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 3 Safari Escapade: Explore Los LLanos

        Get ready for an early morning adventure! We'll pick you up from your hotel and head to the Bogota airport for a quick flight to Yopal, known as Los Llanos in Eastern Colombia. From Yopal, it's about a 2-hour drive on well-paved roads to San Luis de Palenque, where we'll spend the next two days at the Hato Matepalma and Hato Altamira haciendas, nestled within the El Encanto de Guanapalo Nature Reserve.

        After arriving at the reserve, you'll have a hearty lunch and some time to relax. In the afternoon, get ready for a thrilling 4x4 safari. Keep your eyes peeled for anteaters, pumas, armadillos, and if luck is on our side, even anacondas – they're more active in the dry months of February and March. You'll also encounter capybaras, deer, caimans, tortoises, and a variety of fascinating birds.

        As the sun starts to set, we'll find a spot to unwind, enjoy a drink, and soak in the stunning sunset over this incredible region. But the day's not over! After recharging, we'll set out again to discover the captivating nocturnal wildlife that comes to life under the stars.

        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 4 Horseback Expedition through Los Llanos

        Begin your journey with an introduction to the farm, followed by a lasso practice that sets the stage for the adventures to come. Saddle up as we prepare our horses for an exploration into the sweeping savannah. Our equine companions will lead us through small rivers, waterholes, verdant savannas, and pockets of palm and gallery forests. Along the way, keep a watchful eye out for a fascinating array of birdlife and wildlife, from various anteater species and monkeys to tortoises, caimans, and exotic avian wonders.

        Upon reaching the nature reserve, a captivating spectacle awaits. Witness hundreds of capybaras, graceful white-tailed deer, watchful spectacled caimans, and the unhurried movements of tortoises, all set against the backdrop of an exciting birdlife display. Among the avian residents, spot the distinctive Orinoco geese and the grandeur of the great horned owl – Colombia's largest owl.

        As the day winds down, we'll make our way to one of the haciendas that will be your home for the night, capping off an unforgettable day of discovery and connection with nature.

        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 5 Canoeing and Hiking in the Heart of Los Llanos

        Today, immerse yourself in the heart of Los Llanos through an invigorating blend of canoeing and hiking adventures. Setting off in canoes, you'll navigate the winding waterways that crisscross this remarkable landscape, surrounded by the beauty of lush wetlands and captivating flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of local wildlife, from colourful birds to graceful caimans.

        Afterward, embark on a hiking journey that takes you deeper into the heart of Los Llanos. Explore its diverse terrain, from sprawling savannas to hidden oases, as you unravel the region's rich biodiversity with every step. Your expert guide will unveil the secrets of the land, sharing insights about the plants, animals, and natural wonders that make Los Lanos truly unique.

        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 6 Coffee Triangle Gateway: Fly to Pereira

        Get ready for a change of scenery as you hop on a plane to Pereira. It's a smooth ride that takes you to the heart of the Coffee Triangle, known for its beautiful landscapes. 
        When you arrive, you'll have the whole day ahead to do whatever you like. Pereira is yours to explore – walk around its streets, try some local food, and just enjoy the relaxed vibe of the city. 

        Overnight: Hotel Sazagua
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 7 Coffee Odyssey & Cocora Beauty: A Day of Wonders in Salento

        Our day begins with a visit to a local coffee farm, where the secrets of Colombia's renowned brew will be unveiled. Immerse yourself in the intricate process of coffee cultivation, from picking the ripe cherries to experiencing the art of brewing a perfect cup.

        Next, we venture into the awe-inspiring Cocora Valley, where nature showcases its finest creations. Towering wax palms dominate the landscape, creating an ethereal scene that's perfect for unforgettable photographs. Embark on a refreshing hike, crossing hanging bridges and traversing lush forests, all while surrounded by the breathtaking allure of the valley.

        Our day crescendos in the captivating town of Salento. Its charming streets, adorned with colourful houses and a laid-back atmosphere, beckon you to explore. From local crafts to delightful coffee shops, Salento is a treasure trove of authentic experiences.

        Overnight: Hotel Sazagua
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 8 Summit Views & Thermal Springs: A Day of Peaks and Relaxation

        Today, we'll pick you up from your hotel and head towards the breathtaking Natural Park Los Nevados. Once there, a hike to the summit of Eagles Hill awaits, granting you a stunning panorama of the region's landscape and the majestic snow-capped peaks.

        Our first stop in the park is the serene Black Lagoon, where you can sip on coca tea. Afterwards, we'll visit Cafe Cumanday for an orientation to the park and a hearty traditional breakfast before we embark on a trek up the hill. The entire journey will take around 4 hours. When we reach the summit, take a moment to soak in the view and enjoy a leisurely picnic.

        The descent leads us to Malteria, a grill restaurant, where a delicious lunch awaits. We'll then proceed to the Autumn natural thermal springs, where you can unwind in the warm thermal pools and let your cares melt away. As the day winds down, we'll return you to your hotel, ensuring a perfect end to this invigorating day.

        Overnight: Hotel Sazagua
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 9 A Day of Personal Discovery: Explore or Unwind at Your Leisure

        A day to embrace as you wish! You can immerse yourself in the allure of the captivating surroundings, exploring the area at your own pace. Alternatively, relish the tranquillity and elegance of Hotel Sazagua, indulging in its amenities, whether it's a leisurely swim in the pool, a peaceful stroll through the lush gardens, or simply savouring moments of pure relaxation. This is your day to craft the experience that suits your desires, whether it's venturing out to explore or finding solace within the comforts of the hotel.

        Overnight: Hotel Sazagua
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 10 Leticia Unveiled: Exploring the Heart of the Amazon Trifecta

        Embark on a morning flight to Leticia, the bustling hub of Colombia's Amazon region, and a key Amazon River port. Leticia holds a unique distinction as the convergence point of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru – a remarkable tri-border area known as the Three Frontiers (Las Tres Fronteras), where a single day can lead you through three countries.

        Upon arrival, your experienced tour guide will be ready to lead you into this captivating world. The adventure begins with Tabatinga, its Brazilian counterpart, linked by road and footpath. Dive into its history, visiting spots like the triple border and a viewpoint offering breathtaking Amazon River vistas. Don't miss a chance to savour Cachaza, the renowned Brazilian sugarcane-distilled cocktail.

        Back in Leticia, explore the lively malecón turístico or tourist boardwalk, with its vibrant canoes and charming plaza filled with shops and eateries. The Museo Etnográfico enriches your understanding of the indigenous communities thriving in Colombia's Amazon.

        As dusk approaches, Parque de Santander beckons – a spectacle awaits as hundreds of parakeets return from the jungle to rest and feed, creating an unforgettable chorus. Regardless of your bird interest, this is an experience to treasure.

        Overnight: Calanoa Reserve Ecolodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 11 Amazon Adventures: Canopy Thrills and Nocturnal Secrets

        You're in for a treat as you choose between two captivating activities. Feel the thrill of soaring amidst the treetops with a Canopy adventure in Tanimboca, where zip lines offer an adrenaline-pumping journey through the lush jungle canopy. Alternatively, opt for a serene kayaking excursion on Yahuarca Lakes, immersing yourself in tranquil waters while surrounded by the enchanting Amazon landscape.

        Later, we'll transfer you to the remarkable Calanoa Nature Reserve, an oasis nestled within the jungle's embrace. This haven is your sanctuary for the upcoming experiences. As night falls, the jungle awakens with a symphony of sounds and secrets. Embark on a nocturnal expedition into the heart of the Amazon, where expert guides will lead you on an unforgettable journey, unveiling the mysteries of the nighttime world. With every rustle and chirp, you'll uncover the hidden life that thrives under the cover of darkness.

        Overnight: Calanoa Reserve Ecolodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      • Day 12 From Tikuna Village to Rainforest Canopy: Amazon Exploration

        Start your day with a morning excursion to a Tikuna community, offering a fascinating glimpse into their river-centric and jungle-connected way of life.

        After a satisfying lunch, brace yourself for an afternoon adventure. We'll hike through the Calanoa Reserve, reaching the Matamata creek on the fringes of the Amacayacu National Park. At the creek's edge, a canoe eagerly awaits you. Embark on a serene paddle downstream towards the Amazon, a journey that, depending on water levels, may allow you to experience the rainforest canopy from a unique vantage point during the high-water season. It's an experience that promises to be nothing short of incredible.

        Overnight: Calanoa Reserve Ecolodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 13 Island Wonders and Sunset Dolphins: A Day of Amazon Marvels

        Experience the enchanting allure of Mocagua Island in the morning, where diverse flora and fauna await your discovery. This island boasts serene interior lakes adorned with the stunning blooms of the Victoria amazonica lotus.

        As the day unfolds, a boat adventure awaits. Venture to the Peruvian side of the Amazon River for a captivating dolphin-watching experience. Witness the sun bidding the day adieu with a spectacular burst of colour as it sets over the river, creating a mesmerising spectacle that will leave you in awe.

        Overnight: Calanoa Reserve Ecolodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

      • Day 14 Transitioning Realms: Departing Amazonia, Welcoming Quito

        On this day, our journey leads us back to Leticia. After soaking in the Amazon's wonders, it's time for a new chapter. We'll catch a flight to Quito, a city nestled amidst Ecuador's stunning landscapes. Upon landing, a seamless transfer will take you to your hotel, where you can unwind and embrace the comforts of your new surroundings. As you settle in, take a moment to reflect on the incredible experiences of the past days, and anticipate the adventures that lie ahead in Quito, a city brimming with history, culture, and breathtaking vistas.

        Overnight: Hotel Casona 1914
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 15 Quito's Cultural Odyssey and Community Lunch

        Embark on a cultural odyssey through Quito, the captivating capital of Ecuador, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. The morning unveils the city's historical treasures as you journey through its heart. From the majestic Panecillo to the awe-inspiring Basilica and the serene San Francisco church, you'll immerse yourself in Quito's historical centre. Wander through charming streets and vibrant plazas that whisper tales of the past.

        A delightful local lunch awaits, shared with a traditional family near Quito. Here, you'll not only savour the flavours of Ecuadorian cuisine but also partake in the customs and culinary traditions that define this culture. Join in the creation of authentic Ecuadorian dishes, adding your touch to time-honoured recipes.

        Later, a scenic 45-minute drive will lead you to the Intiñan Equator Museum, nestled 200 meters from the iconic Middle of the World Monument. Here, you'll engage with the secrets of the equator, an experience that blends science and wonder.

        Overnight: Hotel Casona 1914
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 16 Cotopaxi Unveiled: A Journey to the Volcanic Heights

        Embark on a captivating journey as your guide picks you up from your hotel. Your route leads south along the Avenue of the Volcanoes, passing iconic peaks like Corazon, Illinizas North, and Ilinizas South, among others. The road unveils a breathtaking spectacle until Cotopaxi comes into view. After a scenic 2-hour drive, you'll arrive at the foot of the Cotopaxi Volcano, one of Earth's highest active volcanoes, soaring to 5,897 meters.

        From the national park entrance to the Limpiopungo Lagoon, a 45-minute ride takes you to a vantage point offering views of both Rumiñahui and Cotopaxi volcanoes. Here, a leisurely 1-hour hike around the lagoon rewards you with the mirrored beauty of Cotopaxi's reflection and insights into the paramo's flora and fauna. As this is a private tour, your guide is flexible to tailor the experience to your preferences.

        Eager to witness mountain climber preparations, hike to the Cotopaxi refuge. At 4,300 meters, the trail begins, leading to the refuge at 4,800 meters. Following this rewarding trek, indulge in a delicious open-air picnic within the National Park, expertly arranged based on the climate and your guide's suggestions. This day is yours to embrace the majesty of Cotopaxi and its surroundings, all while enjoying the flexibility that comes with a private tour.

        Overnight: Ilatoa Lodge
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 17 Tijeretas Hill Trek: Panoramic Views and Galapagos Discoveries

        Today marks your journey to the enchanting Galapagos Islands.

        Upon your arrival at San Cristobal Airport, your dedicated driver will be awaiting you at the arrivals area. They will transport you to your chosen haven in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno village, a swift 5-minute drive that promises a smooth transition.

        Set your own pace on a self-guided exploration of Tijeretas.

        Tijeretas Hill, situated on the northern coast of San Cristobal Island, beckons as one of the Galapagos' renowned visitor sites. Behold sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the azure expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

        The ascent of Tijeretas Hill also unveils other distinctive Galapagos inhabitants, from Darwin's finches and lava lizards to the iconic blue-footed boobies. Don't miss the opportunity to capture the remarkable beauty of the frigatebirds and the breathtaking vistas from this captivating spot.

        Following your exploration of Tijeretas Hill, you can choose to retrace your steps along the same trail or continue your adventure by exploring nearby attractions, including Playa Mann (Mann Beach) or the enlightening Galapagos Interpretation Center.

        During your visit to Tijeretas Hill and the Galapagos Islands, it's important to observe and respect local guidelines, ensuring the conservation of this remarkable environment and its precious wildlife.

        Overnight: Casa Opuntia
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 18 Galapagos Marine Safari: Encounter the Enchanting Kicker Rock

        Witness the marvel of Kicker Rock, a Galapagos icon. Rising 140 meters high, this distinctive landmark consists of two volcanic rocks off San Cristobal Island's coast. Seen from the south, it resembles a dozing lion, hence its Spanish name "León Dormido," or from another angle, a boot, which inspired its English name "Kicker Rock."

        Amidst the waters, this rock formation serves as a sanctuary for marine birds and a thriving underwater ecosystem. Erosion has carved a channel between the rocks, creating an ideal habitat for sharks, manta rays, and diverse aquatic species.

        After this captivating marine encounter, you'll return around 3 p.m. to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and be escorted back to your hotel. A day at Kicker Rock promises an unforgettable glimpse into the vibrant Galapagos marine world.

        Overnight: Casa Opuntia
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 19 Conservation Expedition: Tortoises and the Charles Darwin Research Center

        Today's adventure takes you to Puerto Ayora. En route, a pause in Santa Cruz's highlands unveils a top-tier spot to witness the Giant Tortoise in its natural habitat. The ranch visit promises intimate encounters with these gentle giants, amidst endemic vegetation. Keep an eye out for Galapagos finches and other land birds rarely seen near the shore.

        Later, your journey leads to the Charles Darwin Research Center, an international non-profit founded in 1959 for Galapagos scientific research. Their mission centres on bolstering conservation through scientific insights and technical support. Immerse yourself in discussions about safeguarding Giant Tortoises and gain historical insights into the islands. The visit, lasting around 2 hours, requires comfortable footwear, a hat, light clothing, and hydration.

        This day encapsulates the essence of Galapagos exploration and preservation, offering a window into the islands' remarkable wildlife and conservation endeavours.

        Overnight: Hotel Fiesta
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 20 Island Discovery Day: Galapagos Uninhabited Wonders

        Today's exploration takes you to one of the uninhabited islands of the Galapagos. The specific island you'll visit will be determined by the day of the week and availability. Among the potential destinations are Santa Fe, South Plazas, Bartolome, or North Seymour Island.

        Each of these guided day excursions provides a chance to hike on land, acquainting you with the island's unique attributes and its captivating wildlife. Additionally, you'll embark on a snorkelling adventure. As the day winds down, you'll return to Puerto Ayora, with a drop-off at the public pier. From there, you can leisurely walk to your hotel or opt for a taxi ride, embracing the laid-back charm of Puerto Ayora for the remainder of the evening.

        Overnight: Hotel Fiesta
        Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

      • Day 21 Return to Quito: Rejuvenation at Papallacta Hot Springs

        Today's journey leads you back to Quito, where you'll find respite at the tranquil Papallacta Hot Springs Hotel. This idyllic destination invites you to unwind and rejuvenate, surrounded by nature's soothing embrace. Take pleasure in the soothing hot springs, allowing their warmth to melt away your cares. Amidst the picturesque setting, find the perfect balance of relaxation and tranquillity.

        Overnight: Papallacta Spa Hotel
        Meal Plan: Breakfast

      • Day 22 Final Moments in South America: Seamless Departure from Quito

        On your last day with us, our friendly driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Quito Airport for your flight. We're here to make sure you have a smooth and hassle-free departure. 

        Meal Plan: Breakfast

    • What's Included

      • 21 nights' accommodation 
      • Private ground transportation 
      • Meals as defined in the itinerary
      • Local English-speaking tour guide
      • Domestic flights
      • Activities mentioned in the itinerary

      What's not included

      • International flights
      • Meals not listed in the itinerary
      • Tips and other discretionary expense


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