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The Pan-American highway that leads through the avenue of volcanoes to Central Sierra

In the nineteenth century, explorer Alexander Von Humboldt named Central Sierra and the road that passes through the Andean territory ‘La Avenida de los Volcanes’. This is due to the incredible mountain range that lines both sides of Ecuador and comes into their own here. The bulk of the country's summits are found here including Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.
The area remains very rural with plenty of pastures that grow maize, barley and quinoa as well as cattle and sheep farms. Central Sierra is the best place to visit to experience traditional Andean and Ecuadorian life. 

    Into the wild

    The main draw to Central Sierra remains the volcanoes that surround the area, many of which are still active to this day. The region is a haven for travellers who enjoy hiking and climbing as there are lots of peaks to climb. Central Sierra remains influenced by the indigenous Quechua people whose culture can be witnessed in the communities that live here. Weekly markets are prevalent and sell traditional wares. 

    There is so much wilderness in Central Sierra that visitors could easily spend the whole time outdoors exploring and never see the same scenery twice or get bored by the incredible expanse of landscape at your disposal. Parque Nacional Cotapaxi remains the most popular place to visit. However, destinations such as Quilotoa and Salinas are not to be missed either. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Travel to The Devil's Nose

      Riobamba is a bustling city that is a mixture of old and new with remnants of the Spanish colonial architecture and the new, modern city centre. Riobamba is famously known for being the start of the Devil’s Nose train ride, a spine-chilling ride down the flanks of Andean mountain side. Though slightly frightening at times it is worth it for the beautiful views of the countryside that it offers. 

    • El Altar Volcano

      A Hiker's Reward in Sangay National Park

      El Altar volcano is an extinct volcano whose hiking trail is one of the best in Ecuador but also one of the hardest. This is due to the high altitude and unpredictable weather that make the climb tricky to accomplish. However the view from the top is worth the effort as hikers will be able to witness a stunning blue-green lake formed in the crater of the volcano. 

    • Cotopaxi

      Trek up the famous Cotopaxi

      Cotopaxi is the most famous of volcanoes in Ecuador and one of the highest in the world. With its snow-covered cone it is considered to be the definition of a snowy mountain top with its perfectly shaped pyramid top. This volcano is still active though it has been dormant for almost 70 years now, the longest period without an explosion. It is the most popular mountain to trek up and much easier than its counterpart; El Altar. 

    • Cajas National Park

      A pilgrims park: Cajas National Park

      Cajas National Park is an evergreen park that spreads out to 70,000 acres and has a multitude of hikes and walks on offer. The park is home to 768 lakes and at the highest altitude there is even a cloudforest. There is a diverse wildlife here with many llamas making the most of the grass to graze. There are also a large variety of birds such as the famous Andean condor and giant hummingbirds. The park is equally somewhat of a pilgrimage area as it is said that the Virgin Mary appeared here. A statue can be found just outside the entrance of the park to indicate this. 

    • Chimborazo

      Hike the tallest mountain Chimborazo

      Take what you learned in school and throw it out of the window because Chimborazo is actually the tallest mountain in the world. That is if you measure it from the centre of the Earth instead of from sea level which is what is normally done when recording mountain and volcano heights. The hike up this epic peak is wholly possible for even amateur hikers and a great achievement to brag to your friends about. 

    • Quilotoa Lagoon

      Hike to the Quilotoa volcano

      The Quilotoa Loop is one of the most isolated areas in Central Sierra. The circuit which circles the green coloured lake located in the caldera of the now extinct Quilotoa volcano has a loop that  totals almost 200km.  It goes from Latacunga to Quevedo and passes by quaint villages on the way such as Tigua, Zumbahua, Chugchilan and Saquisilí. This is the place to head to if you enjoy long road-trips along stunning landscapes.  

    • Saquisilí Market

      Indigenous Market in Saquisilí

      Saquisilí is renowned in the region for having the best and largest market that specialises in indigenous wares. Hundreds of indigenous people, mostly Quechua come from all over the region to sell their work at the Thursday market. Shawls, baskets, stuffed animals and delicate jewellery can be found here. But the market that stretches over seven plazas also sells a variety of foodstuff, from grains and vegetables to sheep, cows and pigs. It is the best place to witness the local way of life, mingle with the people and learn about a different culture. 


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