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The “Florence of America”, Quito is a mixture of European influences and a traditional centre full of art and history. 

San Francisco de Quito more often referred to as Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is located in between the Andes mountains and near the Volcan Pichincha. The city is a mixture of new buildings that gleam in the sun and the old town centre. Classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the incredible colonial monuments and architecture that have been exceptionally preserved over the years. The culinary delights and vibrant nightlife make it a well-rounded destination. 

  • Quito Historic Centre

    A hub of modernity and culture

    Quito is divided into two parts, the old town with its colourful and lively neighbourhoods full of history and the new town where hotels, restaurants and bars are found. Over 1.8 million people live here which makes it an ever-changing and busy city whose bustling life is a contrast to the quietness of the rest of Ecuador. The city sits high up the mountain and is the second highest capital in the world. But for even better views, travellers can head to the TelefériQo that will take you to the top of Cruz Loma where you will be able to witness breathtaking views of the city and the valleys surrounding it. 

    Quito is also a city with a rich cultural history. The Museo Nacional holds the country’s biggest collection of Ecuadorian art. From ceramic pieces to serpent bowls and figures depicting the Machalilla culture it is an abundant collection of pre-Hispanic and colonial art. A must-visit to get an insight into the history of the country. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Plaza Grande Quito

      Visit Quito’s historical roots

      Quito’s Old Town also known as Quito’s Centro Historico was built several hundreds of years ago by indigenous artisans. Churches, convents and monasteries are some of the incredible buildings that were created by these artisans and a testament to their craft. Visiting the Old a Town is like going back in time and experiencing the capital city as it once was.

    • Basilica del Voto Nacional

      Climb Basilica del Voto Nacional

      The Basilica del Voto Nacional is the largest Gothic church in South America. The church is 150 metres long and its two front towers mesure 115 metres. The gargoyles on the outside are all depicted as animals native to Ecuador such as iguanas, turtles and condors. It is possible to visit the church and witness the artistry and beauty within, especially its intricate stained glass windows. Visitors can also climb to the top of the towers and get an impressive 360 view of Quito. 

    • Mitad Del Mundo

      Stand in The middle of the world

      The Mitad del Mundo is a 30m tall monument that was constructed to indicate the location of the Equator which passes through the country and where it gets its name from. The monument is also home to the Museo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo which provides background on the indigenous people of Ecuador. Travellers who visit the monument and the surrounding park will be able to say that they stood on the middle of the Earth and therefore in two places at once. 

    • La Floresta Quito

      Explore La Floresta

      To experience true authentic culinary delights travellers should head to La Floresta, a small park in central Quito. Every night, food stalls are erected here selling popular Ecuadorian food. Empanadas and horchata are a favourite combo to enjoy. For the more adventurous travellers why not try tripa mishqui also known as grilled cow intestines, a regional delicacy. 

    • Salgoqui Market

      Discover local food in Salgoqui

      Salgoqui is a small town that is famous for its daily food market. People from Quinto and its surroundings come here to get their fill of delicious food and fresh fruits and vegetables. Much of the town is taken over by the stalls which leak into side streets and courtyards giving it a buzzing and compelling atmosphere. 

    • Visit a volcano village

      Pululahua is an inactive volcano that at some point in time collapsed onto itself creating a 5km crater of incredibly fertile soil. Since then a village of sorts has been erected with multiple farms taking residence here and making the most of the volcanic soil. In 1966, it was named a Geobotanical Reserve to protect its incredible biodiversity and the unique environment of the area. Visitors can either hike up the volcano side or take a horse up to visit this incredibly located place. 


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