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Argentina Tours Visit Buenos Aires and The Pampas

Buenos Aires and its lush farmlands surrounding the city are the beating heart of the country. Travel with us to discover the secrets of this Argentinean region. Enjoy its local culture, outstanding gastronomy and romantic atmosphere.

Discover the Beating Heart of Argentina

Being the second-largest city in South America, Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the "Paris of South America" due to its charming corners, endless cafes, delicious gastronomy and European architecture, all this combined with its Latino American energy.

Surrounded by the vast and fertile plains of the Pampas, Buenos Aires and The Pampas are the nation's economic powerhouse and one of the most exciting places to visit during a holiday in Argentina!

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    Why visiting Buenos Aires and The Pampas?

    Enjoy the cultural offerings of Buenos Aires, from museums to theatres and Tango shows. This city is a hub of music, gastronomy and art to inspire any visitor. 

    In the Pampas, travellers will rediscover the simple pleasures of life while learning about the rich history of Argentina. Smaller towns such as San Antonio de Areco offer an insight into the gaucho culture in a picturesque setting of rolling hills and blue skies. A visit to surrounding Estancias is a must-do. 

    Closer to the coast, small beach towns dot the Atlantic ocean and provide a relaxing escape from the region's heat. Mar de las Pampas is one of the most popular destinations for residents to enjoy the gentle sea breeze and cool water. Here, visitors can indulge in horseback riding along the beach and an endless list of watersports. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

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      Explore Buenos Aires

      Enjoy the historic San Telmo with its cobbled streets, the stylish Palermo and Puerto Madero, and the artistic and brightly decorated houses of La Boca. Explore Plaza Lavalle with its many historic buildings, stand beneath the Obelisco and walk down the remarkable 16-lane Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world.

      Visit the local museums according to your interests, such as the Evita Museum, the Museum of Latin American art or Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. Walk around the Recoleta Cemetery and admire its elaborate mausoleums that serve as final resting places for famous Argentines, including Eva Perón. A tour to visit Buenos Aires iconic places is certainly a great introduction to Argentina. 

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      Gaucho Culture in San Antonio de Areco

      The colonial town of San Antonio de Areco dates back to the 18th century and has retained much of the gaucho traditions. Here, mastercraftsmen share their knowledge of silver and leatherwork using skills that have often been lost due to new technology and time.

      Every November, a festival is held in San Antonio de Areco called Fiesta de la Tradición and sees gauchos from all around gather to celebrate in traditional wear. It is a great time to learn and appreciate this culture that is such a big part of Argentina.

    • Go back in time by Visiting a Estancia in The Pampas

      Estancias used to be grande mansions owned by some of the wealthiest families in Argentina. Over time these private homes have opened to the public, allowing people to visit them and learn about how gauchos used to live. 

      Spend a day in an estancia to immerse yourself into gaucho life by horse riding, eating traditional lunches and maybe even cattle herding. Bigger Estancias offer the opportunity to spend a night or two in their ranches to immerse in the history and culture of this region.

    • Enjoy a Tango Show and Dinner

      Tango, the famous and passionate dance, is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This dance was originated in the urban lower classes in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The customs, beliefs and rituals of European immigrants descendants and the natives were merged and transformed into a distinctive cultural identity. Therefore, if you are in  Buenos Aires, you can not miss the opportunity to see a tango performed live in the place where the tango first originated.

      You can also enjoy this unique experience with a delicious dinner accompanied by a full-bodied Malbec. 

    • Argentina, Buenos Aires Gastronomy

      Enjoy the local Gastronomy

      The legacy of immigration in Argentina left behind varied customs that are carried forward up to these days. That is why the Buenos Aires cuisine is mostly Italian and Spanish, with French touches and a little bit of pure local taste.  You have plenty of options to enjoy the local gastronomy in Buenos Aires, from elegant restaurants to local markets and small restaurants or cafes.

      Visit San Telmo or Palermo neighbourhoods to sample traditional street foods such as choripan, empanadas; a variety of classic parrilla cuts of meat; wines; and artisanal 'heladeria' ice creams. 

    • Explore the Delta Tigre

      Before it enters the sea, the Tigre River breaks into a tangled web of little streams separating hundreds of small islands. The larger of these have small towns and are famous for summer homes of people from the city.

      Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the canals of this "rural Venice," passing gardens and upscale vacation houses. See some beautiful attractions, like the San Isidro barracks, Olivos Port, University City, and River Plate's Stadium, called "the Monumental".  

    • Wander around Tandil

      Tandil is a quiet city on the edge of the Sierras de Tandil mountain range that perfectly encapsulates Argentinian life. Wander through the small streets and admire the architecture of the buildings. Visitors should take part in the local tradition of picadas, a board where cured meat and ham, and a variety of cheeses, are served as an appetiser.

      Due to its proximity to the mountains, Tandil is excellent for those who enjoy activities such as hiking and bouldering. 

    • Visit Colonia Uruguay

      Go Beyond Argentina Visit Colonia, Uruguay

      Take a ferry to cross River Plate and go the pretty colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uriguay. You will need to take your passport, but border formalities are few. Walk around the quiet stone-paved streets of Uruguay's oldest city, founded by the Portuguese in 1680, to see the painted colonial buildings. Colonia's historic center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      Visit the beautiful Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento and look for Calle de los Suspiros, a street of picturesque and colorful houses built more than 250 years ago. From the top of El Faro, a lighthouse that rises from the stone ruins of an early convent, you can get a 360-degree view of the town and its peninsula extending out into the Rio de la Plata.


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