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The Pacific Coast of Ecuador, where mountains give way to beautiful sandy beaches. 

The Pacific Coast of Ecuador stretches over 1,600km and though often bypassed for the Galapagos Islands, this region is a beautiful and restful place to visit. A particular favourite of surfers and beach lovers, the Pacific Coast with its tropical weather and inviting coastline is the go to for lovers of nature. Palm trees line the beaches and jagged cliffs rise out from the coastline giving the landscape a rugged look.

A little further inland lies a lush jungle and mangrove forests. Towns such as Montañita and Canoa are popular destinations where visitors can enjoy the seafood based cuisine; freshly and locally caught by the fishermen that live in the town and surrounding fishing villages. 

  • Montanita Beach
  • Esmeraldas

    Coast life and marine variety

    The area surrounding the Pacific Coast is rife with activities to do and things to visit. With its link to the Pacific Ocean, whale-watching is one of the main attractions of the area as it is a key mating area for humpback whales.

    Isla de la Planta is an uninhabited island that is home to a multitude of marine birds, many of which can only be found here. The blue-footed boobies, waved albatrosses and frigate birds are just a few of the animals found here. Manta rays and sea lions crowd the waters surrounding the island. The coral reef that circles the island is stunning and it is possible to snorkel and in some parts dive around Isla de la Planta to admire these up close. 

    The Pacific Coast is considered the go-to place for lovers of fish and seafood thanks to its two thousand kilometres of coastline. Ceviche is the main and most popular dish served here. Fish soups and curries are also incredibly popular dishes and are a must-try. 

    • Montanita

      Party in Montanita

      In contrast to the other beach towns, Montanita is a renowned party hub. if you are looking to loosen up and enjoy a couple of drinks with an idyllic backdrop this is the place to be. Partying, however, is not the only thing that Montanita can offer. The city is surrounded by hills and mangroves that can be explored by horseback. 

    • Salinas Beach

      Enjoy the best beaches in Salina

      Salinas is the most popular coastal town in Ecuador and holds the title for best beaches. The beaches here are so good that Salinas is the President of Ecuador’s go-to destination for his holidays. It is also a region with a lot of history as archaeologists have found indications that some of the first civilisations in Ecuador started here. The Museum of Los Amantes showcases an ancient burial ground of the Vegas culture that lived some 9000BCE.

    • Canoa Beach

      Surf's up in Canoa

      Canoa is a small fishing village that doubles as one of the best surfing spots on the Pacific Coast. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, the clear water devoid of rocks and reefs make the perfect setting for surfing. There is also a sustainable farm on the outskirts of town, Rio Muchacho that produces all kinds of fresh produce. It is possible to visit the farm and learn about agriculture and eco practices in the area. 

    • Machalilla National Park

      Explore Machalilla National Park

      Machalilla National Park spreads over 41,754 hectares of grasslands, forests and beaches making it one of the most varied parks in Ecuador. Los Frailes is one of the most visited areas of this park with its long stretch of sand and clear blue waters. Besides its profuse ecosystems it is also a place with a rich cultural history with the Machalilla, Valdivia and Manteño-Huancavilca people who lived here throughout different time periods in history. An archaeological site run by the descendants of these cultures is available to visit to learn more about its rich history and see some of the treasures found during digs. 

    • Montecristi

      Buy a hat in Montecristi

      Montecristi’s claim to fame is found in the Panama hat. This headpiece originates from Montecristi and is made from the toquilla palm that is grown here. The confusion comes from US President Theodore Roosevelt being pictured in the hat when he visited the Panama canal. The then President of Ecuador, Eloy Alfaro had sent 20,000 hats to the workers of the canal. There is a museum depicting the life of President Alfaro that is worth the visit to learn more about the history of this little town. 


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