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Guayaquil is the gateway to the Pacific thanks to its location along the river Guayas that allows easy access to the waters and the Galapagos Islands

Guayaquil is the oldest city in Ecuador having been founded in 1538 by Santiago de Guayaquil due to its ideal location along the coast making it easily accessible for merchants. With 2.3 million inhabitants this is the largest city in Ecuador, even before its capital, Quito. 

Over the last couple of years, Guayaquil has seen a redevelopment of many of its neighbourhoods and areas with a lot of new attractions and projects being implemented by the city. One of these is The Malecon 2000, a new waterfront hub that incorporates restaurants, shopping centres, museums and bars. Alongside this urban renewal there are also still places that have kept their original charm such as Las Peñas, the city’s historical district. It is an attractive destination to spend a couple of days wandering around and discovering little gems.

  • Guayaquil

    A picturesque city

    Guayaquil encompasses both the modernity of a thriving, 21st century hub but also the history and culture of a long-standing city. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with nature here, making it an all-rounder that will satisfy every type of visitor. Alongside Malecon 2000, Cerro Santa Ana is another newly regenerated area featuring a number of restaurants, shops and bars that are all located along a winding staircase that leads to Plaza de Honores, one of the best viewpoints in the city. If you can brave the 444 steps to the top travellers will be rewarded with stunning scenery but also a colonial style chapel and lighthouse. 

    Parque Bolivar is situated right in the middle of the city and is home to many an iguana. Visitors can also head to the nearby Santay Island that is accessible via a bridge connecting Guayaquil’s old town to the island. The island is most known for the large amount of mangroves found here as well as its diverse fauna such as racoons, anteaters and birds.

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Witness art and culture in Las Peñas

      Las Peñas is the oldest neighbourhood in Quayaquil and is also considered its art hub with many galleries found here. The area is best discovered on foot, winding your way through the cobbled streets while admiring the colourful houses that line the main street. 

    • Market Guayaquil

      Wander around Mercado Artesanal Guayaquil

      The artisanal market in Guayaquil is the place to go to for travellers looking to indulge in locally crafted souvenirs and goods. Here you will find stalls embroidered blouses, hand woven baskets, jewelry and hats. Fun fact: Panama hats actually originated in Ecuador and are woven from the Paja Toquilla plant which can only be found on the coastal regions of Ecuador. 

    • Birding ecuador

      Birding in Cerro Blanco Forest

      Cerro Blanco is a protected forest that is home to a large number of flora and fauna that are specific to Ecuador. The main attraction of the forest is the large variety of birds that live here, with over 221 species, nine of which are in danger of extinction. While visiting the park, take the Howler Monkey Trail and try your hand at spotting all the different birds that have made their home here.  

    • Plantation Guayaquil

      Take the route of Plantations

      The area surrounding Guayaquil is known for being one of the most agriculturally rich areas in Ecuador. Exotic fruits such as pineapple, mango, cacao and sugar cane are grown in abundance here and plantations are very accessible and easy to visit. Travellers can learn more about agricultural processes as well as the importance of agriculture in Ecuadorian culture.  

    • Bolivar Park

      Wander Bolivar Park

      Bolivar Park also known as Parque de las Iguanas due to the high number of iguanas that are found here. It is an oasis of greenery in the middle of the city and a refuge for those waiting to escape the rush of the city centre. Ecuador’s cathedral is located next to it making it the perfect place to visit during your exploration of the city. Keep your eyes peeled for the iguanas that are hiding in the trees as they are masters of camouflages. 


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