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The Ecuadorian Amazon is a vast area of tropical rainforest and rivers that is considered one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world. 

As if the Galapagos island were not impressive enough when it comes to wildlife, Ecuador also has its own share of the Amazon rainforest. The Ecuadorian Amazon holds hundreds of different animal and plant species as well as the most stunning landscape you will ever see. On top of the Amazon, there are also a large number of parks and reserves that are protected to ensure that the flora and fauna remain untouched for future generations. There are a number of indigenous tribes that remain in the rainforest who live in isolation and are equally protected by Ecuador’s constitution. 

    The Amazon Basin

    The Amazonian Rainforest covers 5.5 million km2 and over nine countries making it the biggest and most important rainforest in the world. The Ecuadorian sector of the Rainforest is home to 1,400 different animals which includes mammals, reptiles and birds. 

    There are nine indigenous tribes that live in the Ecuadorian Amazon, three of which live in total isolation away from the rest of the world in the depths of the rainforest. The other six tribes welcome visitors and it is a great opportunity to meet a different community, learn about their way of life as well as their ancestral practices. For travellers who wish to experience the immensity and power of the Rainforest there are plenty of activities available to witness the rawness of this region. Kayaking the Amazon river, hiking into the depths of the rainforest, swimming in lagoons and wildlife watching are amongst the numerous trips you can try your hand at. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Hot Spring Baños

      Experience The hot spring of Baños

      Named ‘The Gateway to the Amazon’ due to its location close to the national parks and surrounding wildlife, Baños is a small town famous for its volcanic thermal baths and waterfalls. The water of the baths are reputed to have healing qualities and can go up to 55 degrees celsius. The Pailon del Diablo is a must-visit when you come to Baños. This 80-meter waterfall is an awe-inspiring site to see.

    • Tena Amazon

      Adrenaline Pumping activities in Tena

      Tena is a city located in the Amazon Rainforest where the rivers Tena and Pano meet and is a popular destination for thrill-seekers. The two rivers provide the perfect setting for white water activities such as rafting and kayaking. Travellers can also visit the Tena Viewpoint, the tallest tower in the city which from the top offers a birds-eye view of the city and the surrounding mountainscape. 

    • Meet indigenous tribes

      The Huaorani are an indigenous people that live in Yasuni National Park. Until recently they were a nomadic community constantly travelling through the reserve looking for food and a place to stay. Due to recent interference by oil companies trying to mine the land they have since changed their ways settling down in one area though they still avoid modern civilisation. A couple of other tribes such as the Tagaeri and the Taromenane have continued to live their nomadic and isolated life away from any outside disruption.  

    • Jaguar Amazon

      Spot Wildlife in Yasuni National Park

      Yasuni National Park is the most diverse place on Earth and is said to hold more wildlife species than anywhere else in the world. It was turned into a World Biosphere Reserve in 1984 to protect the innumerable animal species but also the indigenous people that still live there. There are over 130 threatened species in Yasuni which include the white-bellied spider monkey, the giant armadillo and the jaguar. 

    • Explore Lago Agrio

      Lago Agrio also referred to by its official name Nueva Loja is an oiling town that is known for being the entrance to the Reserva Produccion Faunística Cuyabeno. The reserve is the second largest one in Ecuador. There is a regional museum here, Casa Cultura, that hosts events and exhibitions on local and indigenous culture. 

    • Coca

      Explore Coca

      Coca is a charming city that sits in between River Napo and River Coca. It is the last city before you enter into the Amazon basin and head into the rainforest. Walking along the waterfront is a great way to see the city and provides an outstanding view of the grand suspension bridge that hovers over the River Napo. 


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