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Sao Paulo is where business and pleasure come together offering a wealth of activities and experiences never seen before.

Sao Paulo is the most populated city in Brazil and can seem daunting to first time visitors. Tall buildings, bustling crowds and dizzying experiences there is a lot of take in. It is a beautiful city that unfolds like layers offering something new at every corner. Gourmet restaurants, art museums, music scenes, there is something for everyone.

On the outskirts of the city lay incredible agricultural lands, a reminder of the incredible importance of Sao Paulo in the sector and the wealth it brings to the country. 

    An art and culture hub

    The financial centre of Brazil, Sao Paulo or Sampa as the locals call it is a diverse city with a mismatch of stunning architectural buildings and new modern ones. It is a unique place like none other in South America with coffee plantations hidden in its midst and the centre of fine arts in all of South America. The Museu de Arte has 73 sculptures from Degas and some of the best arts by artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir and Miro. 

    Due to its incredibly large population traffic jams are common in this city and to avoid the problem the rich have found a solution and taken to the skies preferring to use helicopters instead of cars to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. There are over 200 heliports in the whole of the city, the largest number in any city in the world.

    Our favourite Experiences

    • Paraty

      Embrace slow-paced life in Paraty

      Named a National Historic Site, Paraty is a colonial town that has maintained its colonial roots while becoming a cosmopolitan destination for travellers across the world. Many people from across the world have fallen in love with this quaint town and its soft-coloured buildings and cobblestoned streets opting to settle down here and enjoy the slow pace of life. The surrounding area is also perfect for nature lovers with a mixture of jungle landscape and inviting beaches. 

    • Pinacoteca

      Wander through Pinacoteca the oldest museum in Brazi

      Pinacoteca de São Paulo is the oldest museum in the city and was founded in 1905. It is a key part of the art and culture of the city and hosts regular events throughout the year. The main bulk of the art showcased in the museum is by Brazilian artists the majority of which are from the 19th century. 

    • Ubatuba beach

      Take part in sea turtle conservation in Ubatuba

      Ubatuba was the place where the Portuguese signed the first peace treaty with the Tupinamba Indians in the 16th century. Now it is the number one beach destination for inhabitants of São Paulo. The mountains of the Serra do Mar provide an elegant backdrop to the beautiful white beaches of Ubatuba. The town is home to Project TAMAR, an association that helps stop the extinction of sea turtles and over the years it has saved 8 million turtles. Ubatuba is also known for its artisanal shops and craft markets. Everyday craftsmen come and set up their stalls in the town centre showcasing their wares from jewellery to decoration and clothes all of which make lovely souvenirs to take back. 

    • Batman Alley

      Admire incredible street art in Batman Alley

      For a different approach to art, Batman Alley also known as Beco do Batman is located in the Vila Magdalena neighbourhood and is a globally renowned open-air gallery that showcases graffiti art from international and local artists. The whole alley is decorated in colourful street art that truly displays the vibrancy of the community. The graffitis are constantly being replaced by new ones and each visit is unique and visitors will be hard pressed to see the same thing twice.
    • Ibirapuera Park

      View the biggest collection of art in Ibirapuera Park

      Ibirapuera Park is the only green space in the whole of São Paulo. Surrounded by gleaming buildings it is a haven for locals wishing to escape the hubbub for a few minutes. The park is also an important part of São Paulo’s art and culture scene. Their fashion week takes place here every year. It is also home to some of the more famous museums of the city including the Oca do Iborapura and the Museum of Modern Art. Over 8,000 works of Western art are kept here including pieces by well known artists such as Picasso, Modigliani and Chagall. In addition to that, 4,000 pieces of art by Brazilian artists are also displayed here. 

    • Mercado Municipal Sao Paulo

      Eat your way through Mercado Municipal

      Mercado Municipal is a food market located in an old industrial building complete with stained glass windows and a high ceiling. This is a great place to discover new and local foods at a reasonable price. Visitors will be delighted at the variety of foods on offer especially those native to São Paulo. Pasties which are fried pastries that can be stuffed with either a savoury or sweet filling are the most popular street food in Brazil. Mortadella sandwiches are also incredibly popular thanks to the thriving Italian community in the city. This market is a must-visit for foodies wanting to try true, authentic food. 


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