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The Marvellous City is a hotspot for all things fun and friendly!

Named the Cidade Maravilhosa, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. Surrounded by verdant forests and a sugary shoreline it is understandable why. Alongside many world famous attractions such as the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema as well as the renowned statue of Christ The Redeemer its popularity is easily explained and well merited.

Regarded as one of the happiest cities in the world, locals are warm and welcoming, happy to share their culture and passions with travellers and show what makes their city so special. 

    The Marvellous City

    Rio de Janeiro is a city with a very rich cultural and historical past. Some of the best museums can be found here such as the Museu do Indio which showcases the various indigenous cultures that make up Brazil as well as the Museum of Fine Art with over 20,000 pieces of Brazilian art. 

    The nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is second to none with some of the best restaurants and nightclubs on offer. Be prepared to party the night away to the sound of samba. The food scene is incredibly varied with lots of different options and locals eat very late so it is not uncommon for restaurants to be opened past midnight. 

    There are many outdoor activities to experience here and it’s also the best way to admire Rio de Janeiro’s beauty. Watersports are popular due to the surrounding beaches. Hiking the nearby forests to discover the local flora and fauna is a favoured activity to take part in. 

    Our Favourites Experiences

    • Ouro Preto

      Travel back in time at Ouro Preto

      Ouro Preto is a colonial town on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro with the most astonishing baroque architecture. Everything in this town has remained intact since the 18th century, from the cobbled streets to the building facades. During its heyday, the town used to be a gold mining site and brought a lot of wealth to its inhabitants. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ouro Preto has the largest number of churches within its territory. The most renowned of which is the St Francis of Assisi Church whose exterior was carved by famous artist Aleijadinho.  

    • gloria-market

      Browse Feira da Glória Market

      Set up in 1994, Feira de Gloria Market is a food market that sells organic and locally sourced produce. Here visitors will find the freshest fruits and vegetables some of which are only found in this part of the world. Fruits such as the custard apple, papaya, guava and star fruit are found in abundance here. There is also a section where you will find locally caught fish such as red snapper and salmon. A visit here will be a chance to try out new flavours as well as a delight for your tastebuds

    • Cristo Redentor

      Admire the statue of Cristo Redentor

      At the top of mount Corcovado stands the statue of Christ the Redeemer which stands at 30 meters tall. Access to the statue can be done via a steep train journey that will take you to the top. For the braver and physically fitter traveller there is also the possibility to hike to the top. The view from the top is truly breathtaking and offers a 180 degree view of Rio de Janeiro beneath you. Fun fact: the wingspan of the statue is about 28 meters. 

    • Sugarloaf mountain

      Climb Sugarloaf mountain

      Another well known attraction of Rio de Janeiro is Sugarloaf mountain that juts out 394 meters above sea level. Its attraction lies in the fact that the view from the summit offers a view of Rio de Janeiro and its harbour from the perspective of the sea. The ascent to the top is also exhilarating and unique by ways of a cable car that connects the lower peak of Morro da Urca to Sugarloaf mountain. The best time to visit would be at sunset to witness the cityscape bathed in golden light. However, regardless of the time of your visit you will not be disappointed by it.

    • Escadaria Selarón

      Get lost in Bohemian Santa Teresa

      The neighbourhood of Santa Teresa is known to be the bohemian side of Rio de Janeiro. A large contrast to the tall buildings are gleaming modernity of the city centre, Santa Teresa has kept its unique 19th century architecture. Large mansions line the streets giving a cosy feel to the area. The area is also regarded as the artists neighbourhood with attractions such as the Escadaria Selaron and the Museu da Chacara do Ceu located here. It is a colourful and vibrant part of Rio de Janeiro with fun and quirky restaurants and bars to visit. 

    • Tijuca Park

      Wander around Tijuca Park

      Tijuca forest is a large stretch of rainforest on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro that offers the best and largest number of hiking trails in the area. The hiking trails vary from easy, short strolls through the lush greenery to steep inclines up peaks that rise up to a height of 900m. The trails will take visitors through verdant greenery where you will be able to witness some incredible sights such as roaring waterfalls and rare flora. For those who want to get their hearts pumping there is the possibility to hand glide from Pedra Bonita, a mountain peak within the forest and take it in scenery from up high. A literal bird’s eye view. 

    • Ilha Grande

      Relax on the beaches of Ilha Grande

      A short boat ride away from Rio de Janeiro is Ilha Grande, a stunning island that remains incredibly untouched and is the perfect place to head to for a change of pace and scenery. A popular weekend destination for the people of Rio de Janeiro and for good reason. It has the highest number of natural and untouched beaches of anywhere in Brazil. Lopes Mendes, Palmas Cove and Aventura Beach are often considered to be some of the best beaches in the world. It is important to note that there are no cars on Ilha Grande so visitors should make sure to bring sturdy shoes with them to be able to explore the island in depth and comfort. 

    • Salsa

      Learn how to dance Samba at the source

      Pedra do Sal is an area in the Saude neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro that happens to be the birthplace of samba. Every Monday evening from 8pm the streets come alive to the sound of the samba and party the night away. It is a huge weekly celebration with food stalls selling traditional dishes as well as the famous caipirinhas. It is a great opportunity to mingle with locals and learn how to dance to the special rhythm of the samba. Visitors will forever remember a night spent dancing here. 


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