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Brazil Tours Explore The Pantanal and Central Brazil

The center of Brazil is a thriving hotspot for animal and nature lovers.

The Pantanal region of Brazil is home to the largest wetland area in the world. It is often looked over for its more renown cousin The Amazon rainforest but this is a place that mustn’t be missed especially for travellers who enjoy animal spotting. It is a truly unique and verdant space that offers a variety of experiences centred around its unique ecosystem and endemic wildlife.

In Central Brazil, travellers will also find the country's capital, Brasilia where the lush greenery of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul and Goias give way to new and modern buildings, many of which have been designed by famed architect Oscar Niemeyer. 

    Brazil’s unique wetland 

    The rainy season between the months of November to March is the best time to visit the Pantanal with the landscape at its peak with luscious green trees and overflowing rivers. During this time the Pantanal is mainly accessible by boat or plane as nature takes over making roads inaccessible. The months of July to September are the dry months and when the unique animals come out from their shelters and are seen wandering around the land. 

    Brasilia, is the centre of all activity in Central Brazil with its gourmet restaurants, unique bars and lively nightlife it is a vibrant city that will re-energise any of its visitors. The capital city is also a hub for art and culture and its impressive architecture is seen in every corner of the city with buildings rivalling each other in complexity and beauty. It is no wonder that the city is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Pantanal Brazil

      Exploring The Pantanal 

      When it comes to wildlife, no place is better than The Pantanal and its incredibly large variety of animals. Birds are the main inhabitants of this region and keen birders will find their happiness here. There are a large number of rare birds here such as the red, blue and hyacinth macaws. The most elusive of animals, the jaguar, is equally a popular inhabitant of The Pantanal and can be spotted along the riverbanks at dusk. The rivers are also full of fish and water mammals such as giant otters and caimans. Amongst the activities on offer, fishing, kayaking and boat trips are the most popular as they provide fast and easy activities to the out of reach places. 

    • Bonito

      Explore Bonito and its green credentials

      Located in the region of Mato Grasso do Sul, Bonito is a small town renowned for its ecotourism credentials. Many of the areas are very strict in the numbers of people they let in to protect the incredible landscape and surroundings. Bonito is known for its Rio da Prata, a well-known snorkeling spot that is home to many a variety of different fish and spectacular underwater ecosystems. It is truly a feast for the eyes. The Abismo Anhumas is another popular attraction, a cave covered in massive stalactites with an underground lake at its centre. Visitors can dive into its depth and appreciate its crystal clear waters. 

    • Hike through Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

      Located in the state of Goias, Chapada dos Veadeiros is an impressive national park that is known for being a prime hiking spot. Its rugged canyons, mountains and waterfalls are perfect to get your sweat on but also offer a stunning backdrop for your climb. The park has multiple waterfalls each different and unique with rock pools or thunderous sprays of water. Chapada dos Veadeiros also houses a multitude of different orchid species and visitors will be left in awe at the incredibly different types and colours on offer. 

    • Explore the immensity of nature in Parque Chapada dos Guimaraes

      Parque Chapada dos Guimaraes is one that not a lot of people know about remaining a hidden gem from most tourists. Encompassing 33 square km, the park is a mixture of mountains, lush forests and rivers lined with palm trees. It is an optimum place to visit and spend the day, hiking through the red cliffs and swimming in ponds. Majestic waterfalls are dispersed throughout and the sight of them will truly take your breath away. Wildlife is not thriving here but visitors may occasionally spot an interesting owl or colourful bird soaring through the sky. Nature lovers will be satisfied with the sheer volume of space that they can discover. 

    • Rock climbing

      Try out Caving and rock climbing

      With the large amount of National Parks in the area it is only natural that rock climbing is a prime activity to take part in. Both Chapada dos Guimaraes and Chapada dos Veadeiros are prime locations for both experienced climbers and beginners. Matto Grosso Chimney, a little further out is a treat for experienced climbers with a difficult climb but worth it once you reach the top and admire the view. Travellers can also swap heights for caves thanks to the great versatility of Brazilian parks. Caverna Terra Ronca is famous for its limestone stalactites and stalagmites as well as its underground river that traverses it. Caverna Aroe Jari is the most famous cave in Chapada dos Guimaraes. Made out of sandstone, the entrance is covered by a waterfall while in its depths lies a stunning clear blue lake. 

    • Brasilia

      Witness the incredible architecture of The capital Brasilia

      Brasilia became the capital of Brazil in 1960 replacing Rio de Janeiro which held the title up until then. The capital was purposely built in less than five years, it was a radical take on city planning meant to showcase Brazil as an up and coming city. Brasilia is known for its futuristic architecture with many buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The Cathedral of Brasilia is his most famous design and also the most famous in the capital. Other buildings such as the Palacio da Justica whose facade is clad with artificial waterfalls that fall into a pond below. Architecture enthusiasts should make it their priority to visit Brasilia during their trip to Brazil as it is a truly unique place that showcases so many different design genres. 

    • Pirenopolis

      Discover the old colonial town of Pirenopolis

      Pirenopolis is a town in the state of Goias that has kept its unique Portuguese colonial architecture intact. The town has meticulously preserved its building, restoring those that had been damaged over time. Buildings such as the Nossa Senhora do Rosario, the main church of the town which every year hosts the religious festivals of Cavalhadas and Festa do Divino. The city is also known for practicing quilt making and their craft is intricate with technique past through generations. Surrounding the town aer 73 waterfalls spread across the countryside which delight locals and bring many travellers to it. 


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