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The most beautiful region by far, The North Coast is a wonderful place to come and relax in, making the most of the tropical weather. 

The North Coast of Brazil is the least visited region in Brazil. This is probably due to the fierce competition from the multitude of destinations in the country. However it is not one to be overlooked as it has the most stunning and  beautiful landscape in the country.  

The region is known for its pristine beaches and incredible ecosystem. It is the ideal off the beaten path location with plenty of wide open spaces to get lost in. Those looking for unique adventures away from crowds will be delighted by the North Coast. 

  • Cacimba do Padre
  • Chapel of St Benedict
  • Lencois Maranhenses

    Natural Wonders Abound

    The Northern Coast is a sparsely populated region with small towns and resorts dotted across its wide expanse. Its strength lies in remoteness and the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the wilderness. Ecotourism is a pillar of the region and no better place can this be witnessed than at Ilha de Fernando de Noronha. A volcanic archipelago, it is a protected marine and wildlife reserve. Sea turtles, rays and dolphins navigate the clear waters and opportunities to snorkels and see them up close are abundant. The island is strictly monitored but it is worth it to see nature thrive at its height. 

    The inland region is in sharp contrast to the coast with a lot more arid landscape. With lots of cacti, sand dunes and dry rock formations it is like stepping into a different world from the incredible blue hues of the coat. A sharp contrast that keeps visitors wanting more. 

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Sao Luis

      Go back in time in São Luis

      The city of São Luis is a beautifully colonial town that has taken great care to preserve its rich architectural history. Visiting the historic centre is like going back in timeworn cobblestone streets, cast iron balconies and colourfully tiled exterior walls. If you are looking for some art and culture, São Luis has the largest number of museums than any other city in the North Coast. Its Afro-Brazilian history is embedded in the art and music of the town.

    • Take part in local nightlife in Recife

      Recife is the capital of Pernambuco and is known for its incredible foodie scene. The restaurants here are numerous and serve some of the most authentic and delicious food in the region. The town’s historic centre dates back to the 16th century and is situated on its own island by the harbour of the main town. Praca da Republica and Catedral de São Pedro are must visits while in the historic part, the colourful structures and old architecture are highlights of the neighbourhood. Casa de Cultura, once a prison, has since been revamped and updated to hold the town's artisanal market. Here visitors will be able to see some the local craftsmen at work and admire their original wares. In the evening, the market comes alive to the sound of live music and performance, a joyful place to spend the evening soaking up the culture. 

    • Lencois Maranhenses National Park

      Witness nature’s miracle in Lencois Maranhenses National Park

      Lencois Maranhenses National Park is one of the more unique parks in Brazil. Spanning 70km of coastline it has the distinct feature to be surrounded by the purest sand dunes ever seen. Dotted across these sand dunes are turquoise lagoons that make their appearance during the rainy season. The colours of these lagoons are due to the unique minerals and bacteria found in the sand which combined with the rainwater create these unique hues. 

    • Jericoacoara

      Take a break in Jericoacoara

      Jericoacoara is one of the bigger beach towns located along the North Coast. It is an idyllic getaway, perfect to let off some steam and relax. The town itself is built in and around sand dunes with many of the town streets part of the coastline. Hammocks are scattered across the beachfront for optimum relaxation but those wanting a little more adventure can opt to kayak the mangroves surrounding the town or kite-surf the crystal clear waters. 

    • Morro Branco

      Walk through a red labyrinth in Morro Branco

      Morro Branco is a steep contrast to the soft coastline of The North Coast. Jagged reed rocks jut out from the ground in a winding display similar to a Martian landscape. The red and orange colours of the rocks are so distinct but complement beautifully the standard blues. Travellers will want to bring their cameras here to capture the unique landscapes. The rock formations have created a maze like labyrinth through the coastline allowing visitors a complete immersion in the environment. 

    • Carneiros Beach

      Discover all the beaches that make up Pernambuco 

      Pernambuco is a region in the North Coast that is home to the highest number of paradisiac beaches, enough to rival the ones in the Caribbeans. Each of them are remote and untouched by the population providing an idyllic setting to escape and truly relax. From luxurious Porto de Galinhas with its impeccably looked after beaches to Maracaipe, a hotspot for watersports such as wind-surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. Each of the beaches in Pernambuco are unique and offer a slice of heaven to be enjoyed in peace. 

    • Olinda

      Appreciate religious history  in Olinda

      Olinda was founded in 1553 by Portuguese settlers and despite the years has kept its colonial architecture intact and preserved. It is a beautiful town with baroque inspired houses and religious buildings. Monasteries, convents and churches abound here. The city is considered to be a haven for artists and this can be seen throughout the town with building facades covered in artwork. However, it doesn’t end there as there are many galleries and museums in Olinda that showcase the immense talent of the artists that live here. 


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