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Brazil Tours Visit The Iguazu Falls and Southern Brazil

Southern Brazil is home to the most impressive natural wonders and a trip to the region will leave in awe at Mother Nature

The Southern part of Brazil is a much less visited part of the country compared to its counterparts of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Made up of three areas, Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul the main attraction of the region remains the Iguazu Falls which borders on Argentina. There is a lot more to Southern Brazil than what first meets the eye.

The natural landscapes here are breathtaking and look like they’ve come straight out of a movie. Hiking is a popular activity to take part in and the beaches offer a great variety of watersports such as surfing. 

  • Praia de Rosa

    Brazil’s Waterfalls

    The Southern region of Brazil was predominantly colonised by Europeans in the 19th century with the main bulk of colonisers coming from Portugal, Germany and Italy. Because of this it has become a region known for its variety of food and wine.

    The regions of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul have become key wine producing areas of Brazil with the Vale dos Vinhedos coming out on top. Porto Alegre is also known for having the best churrasco, which is the Portuguese name for grilled meat, a must-experience when here. 

    In Curitiba, travellers will find the Serra Verde train which has been described as one of the greatest train rides in the world. Launched in 1880, the train journey takes you on a four hour journey         

    Our Favourite Experiences

    • Iguazu Falls

      Admire the falls Brazilian Side

      The Iguazu Falls are made of 250 separate cascades that stretch just over 3 kilometres on both the Brazilian and Argentinian side. There are multiple ways to view these majestic falls. On foot, visitors can follow clearly indicated walkways that show the various different routes to get as close as possible to the falls themselves. Alternatively, visitors can also hop on a speedboat which will take you as close to the sprays without getting too wet. Lastly there is also the possibility to view the falls from up top with a helicopter ride, giving a panoramic view of the falls. 

    • Admire the falls Argentinian side

      The Argentinian Side of the falls is often considered to be the more visually appealing side. Here the cataratas are more prominent and the walkways lead right to the edge of them. On this side there is also the Garganta del Diablo which means The Devil’s Throat in Portuguese and is the deepest catarata at Iguazu Falls. The large amounts of water cascade down the chasm producing a deafening thundering sound. It is a truly awe-inspiring sight to witness.  

    • Try out different watersports in Florianopolis

      Florianopolis also called Ilha da Magia is the capital of the region of Santa Catarina. The town is a gem of colonial architecture and colourful fishing houses dotted along the 60 beaches that make up the town. The town is separated into two, the first part is on the mainland and the second is part of an island located just a short boat ride away. Due to the incredibly high number of beaches, watersports are very popular here such as scuba diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also great hiking trails in the surrounding jungle where you will be able to spot unique fauna such as peacocks. As a fishing town, the seafood here is second to none and dishes such as moqueta, a fish stew and sequência de camarão, a seafood platter are very popular. 

    • Observe Whale Migration in Southern Brazil

      Between the months of June and November, the Southern Coast of Brazil turns into a whale watching spectacle as the Southern Right Whales start their migratory journey to warmer climes to mate and have their calves. In Santa Catarina, the whales swim so close to the shore that there is no need to take a boat into the sea or even use a pair of binoculars, a trip to the beach is enough to see these mammals in all of their majesty. Praia do Rosa is also a popular whale watching spot. 

    • Santa Catarina

      Hike Up Magical Scenery in Santa Catarina

      Santa Catarina is one of the smallest states in Brazil but it packs a punch in terms of activities and things to visit. The region has a stunning coast but venture inland and travellers will be met with a jagged mountainous landscape. Travellers can head to Morro de Igrejo, a hilltop that is considered to be the coldest place in Brazil. The hike to the top is of a medium intensity however the view once you reach is stunning and visitors can also see the famous Pedra Furada from here. 

    • Relax in Praia do Rosa

      This small beach town just off the bigger city of Ibiraquera is a little haven in the immensity of Brazil. The town itself is very small and consists of only a few restaurants and small houses but the main attraction here is the beach that stretches on for kilometres. The beach is protected by a large bay which keeps the harsh waves away making it a very safe place to swim in. There are also making trails around the area and one even leads to a small secluded lagoon just off the beach with a view of the ocean. It is a unique spot and the perfect place to get away from the crowds. 

    • Porto Alegre

      Appreciate local art in Porto Alegre

      Porto Alegre is the largest city in the Rio Grande do Sul state. The town is very modern and it shows in the architecture with new buildings that shimmer underneath the sun. A very culturally rich city there are many museums to visit and places to discover. The Ibere Camargo Museum with its unique building is home to expressionist artists while the Casa de Cultura Maria Mario Quintana showcases more modern art. On the main square of the town you will find the Metropolitan Cathedral which was built in a Renaissance style with a stunning mural depicting religious events on the outside. The mural is made out of over 10,000 different shades. A trip to Porto Alegre isn’t finished without an excursion on Lake Guaiba to see the city from the water. 

    • Learn about Sao Miguel das Missoes

      A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jesuit ruins in Sao Miguel das Missoes are remains of rich historical and cultural importance. The site was originally built in the 17th century on Guarani land by Jesuit missionaries who came to evangelise the Guarani Indian people. Sao Miguel das Missoes was one of seven reductions built during that time and the only one to survive the wars. The ruins of the cathedral that have been successfully preserved indicate the hard work that was put into creating such a large and intricately beautiful structure. It is a testament to the people and a rich part of their history, a must-visit when in Rio Grande do Sul. 

    • vale dos vinhedos

      Go wine tasting in the Vale dos Vinhedos

      Vale dos Vinhedos is a small but up and coming wine production region in Brazil. It produces a wide variety of wines from cabernets and chardonnays to sparkling wines. The area was first turned into a wine producing region in the 1870s when Italian settlers realised that the soil and climate was very similar to their own wine producing regions. Nowadays, Vale dos Vinhedos produces 90% of the wine in Brazil. There are a number of different wineries here where visitors can come and spend the day, learning about the wine-making process and the different varieties of grapes that are grown here. Winery visits often end with a wine-tasting which is a great way to fully appreciate the winemaking process. 


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