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October 20, 2023

Taking its name from the Guarani word meaning ‘great water’, the Iguazu National Park is home to the largest waterfall in the world: the Iguazu Falls. Located in the Missions province, the park, river and falls borders the Argentine province as well as the Brazilian state of Parana. Considered one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the Nature, the falls stretch out for 2.7km and takes the shape of a horseshoe. The Iguazu Falls is considered the largest waterfall in the world, wider than the Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Divided into 275 separate cataracts which vary in size from 60 to 82 metres in height, the waterfall is a true miracle of nature. The Iguazu Falls is a must-visit while in Argentina as it is truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Being faced with such majesty and power of nature is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed.

1- Iguazu Falls in Argentina

On the Argentinian side of the park you will find the largest and most famous of cascades, The Devil’s Throat also known as La Garganta del Diablo. Towering at 80m in height it is taller than the Niagara Falls and is a staggering sight to behold. For the most daring of visitors, it is possible to access the edge of The Devil’s Throat via a wooden walkway that will lead you to a perch overlooking the drop.   

The Iguazu National Park has an Ecological Jungle Train that takes you on a journey across the jungle and along the river so that you can witness the incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled on the waters as you are sure to see turtles paddling about the waters and even some crocodiles. The Jungle Train also leads you to the two main walking trails in the park: The Lower and Upper Circuits so that you can get up close and personal with the falls. 


  • The Lower Circuit winds its way through two kilometres of walkway and stairways giving you multiple views of the cascades through various different viewing points
  • The Upper Circuit offers a panoramic view of the falls from its perch overlooking the falls. The best time to go there is early in the morning or at sunset. Due to the angle of the light and surrounding water spray, you will be able to witness beautiful rainbows arcing the skies above the waterfall. A picture perfect opportunity! 

On top of these two circuits, the national park has many more hiking trails available. The two most popular trails around the park are the Macuco Trail and the Arrechea Trail. Both of these are two hour long round-trips across the jungle territory and to the nearby Arrechea Waterfall. This fall is smaller than the mighty Iguazu Fall but is ideal to spend a couple of hours relaxing next to and having a picnic. It is even safe to swim in the water and cool off after a long hike through the jungle.

These hikes are also a great opportunity to witness first hand the incredible flora and fauna of the national park. Iguazu National Park is home to 200 plant species and 80 different tree species. The park is also a haven to wildlife many of which are endemic to the area. There are up to 400 different types of birds as well as tapirs, giant anteaters, ocelots, jaguars and caimans. Monkeys are equally very present here and are curious animals who like to poke their heads around and observe you as you make your way through their home. 

2- Iguazu Falls in Brazil

The Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls offers a different perspective to this magnificent marvel of nature. Although the majority of the falls lies in Argentina, the Brazilian side offers a panoramic view that is just as impressive as its counterpart. 

There are around 3km of walking trails on this side which is perfect if you like to take your time to discover an area and truly get to grips with the surrounding area. Helicopter rides are also available from the Brazilian side and offer a bird’s eye view of the falls. It is truly a different sight to behold to see the falls from up high and witness how the waters plummet down into the cataracts from here. If you are a photography enthusiast this is absolutely a must-do as the opportunities to capture the falls and jungle is second to none. There is also the possibility to take a speedboat down the river and admire the falls from up close. Be careful though as the sprays from the cascades are strong enough to get you wet.

If you are a fan of birds and bird watching, the Brazilian side is also home to a bird sanctuary called Parque das Aves. There are a multitude of different birds that live here from colourful parrots to flamingoes and toucans as well as some rare birds such as the Harpy Eagle. However, the park is not only home to birds there are also different animals such as snakes and alligators that live alongside them. It is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the animals that are endemic to Brazil and support the preservation of many of these animals whose lives are threatened due to poaching. 

3- Discover the Iguazu Falls with Uncover South America

At Uncover South America we create bespoke tours to the Iguazu National Park and to see the falls on both the Argentinian and Brazilian side. From arrival at the airport to hotels and guides everything is taken care of by our wonderful team so that you can enjoy your trip without the stress of planning. We make sure that you get to see all of the main sights as well as the more unique activities for a well-rounded trip. 

From a hike along the many pathways of the Brazilian falls all the way to the foot of the cascades to an informative tour of the Iguazu National Park Visitors Centre; we ensure that you spend your trip fully immersed in this wonderful environment. You will come back with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and immensity of nature while also having learnt about the preservation efforts of the park for future generation.

Be sure to get in touch with us to organise your visit to the Iguazu Falls. We are able to craft tours and itineraries that takes into consideration your budget while still ticking all the boxes for a memorable holiday. 


Alexandra Coeln

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